Zoo Zoo Commandos
Date of Birth
December 16, 2008
Zorilla and Zarathusrta
Nikita, Moltan, Roise, Dazba,and Venus
Known For
Casanova of the Commandos


Zoo Zoo(VCDM056) was born on December 16, 2008 in the Commandos Mob. His mother was Zorilla the dominant female and his father was the dominant male Zarathustra. His litter-mates were his three sisters Nikita(VCDF060), Rosie(VCDF061) and Venus(VCDF062) and two brothers Moltan(VCDM064) and Dazba(VCDF065). He wa sborn in a litter of six pups and all survived since the Commandos was a big group. His mother and father died soon after and his older sister Celidh took dominance with his uncle Panthro. Zoo Zoo remained in the group for a year and then left the group to rove and joined his brothers Zorro, Ziggurat, Khasar, Buta and Tegus. They had joined three females, two Whiskers and one unknown, and formed a new group.


The new group was called the Xerxes. His older brother Zorro took male dominance as soon as the group was formed. The females were Tina Sparkle the oldest who had been in the Hoax, her younger sister Ju Drop the ex-dominant female of the Toyota and an unknown female named Zula who once got in a fight Nikita and beat her. Zula won dominance over the other females. Zoo Zoo joined the group just before Zula gave birth to the first litter of pups. Out of all the males Zoo Zoo roved the most. He roved twice in December 2009. In March he roved five times and appeared many times at other groups. He roved seven times in April, six in June and he roved ten times in August before he he finally left the group. He left with his older group Ziggurat. They joined another group.


The other group was the Gladiators Mob. All the males left the group but the pups. Ziggurat and Zoo Zoo easily joined the group where Ziggurat took male dominance. Zoo Zoo is still in the group and hasn't roved since. It is unknown is he fathered any pups.


Mother: Zorilla

Father: Zarathustra

Brothers: Moltan and Dazba

Sisters: Nikita, Rosie and Venus


Commandos Mob

Xerxes Mob

Gladiators Mob

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