Zoltan Frisky


Yes of the Aztecs
Date of Birth
August 18, 2008
Bootle and Gazebo
Phoenix, Athena and Savannah
Makailopeli, Chantico, Talocan, Xilonen and Xochipilli
Known For
Dominant Male of the Aztecs


Zoltan(VFM146) was born in the Frisky mob on August 18, 2008. His mother was Bootle and his father was Gazebo. He had three litter-mates; Athena(VFF144), Phoenix(VFM145) and Savannah(VFF147). The litter made it to adulthood. Bootle gave birth to soem more litters. On November 4,2008 Bootle gave birth to Kuna Yala, VFF149, Tepezcuintle and Pachamanca. VFF149 died later one. Bootle and Gazebo were the dominant pair till in 2010 when Boolte died. His older sisters Quaver and Crochet were the oldest female in the group. Quaver took over dominance. Savannah was predated. Crochet over threw Quaver and evicted her. Then three Aztecs males joined the group. He took to roving at the age of two years old. In October 2010 Phoenix, Zoltan and Cabernet went roving and soon joined a smalled group of Aztecs females. They stayed together and formed a new group.


Zoltan and his litter-mate Phoenix were the oldest males so the wony fought for dominance. Phoenix won dominance over Zoltan and Cabernet. Burdock became the dominant female. Burdock and Chin Chin aborted their litters. Mimi lost her litter to Lola who then gave birth to Doretta, Kola, Mortan, Art and Earl. The group had one encouter with the Cheetah. Burdock made a burrow move revealing five pups. All the pups survived the burrow move. Zoltan took to roving in Janaury 2011 and left the Zebra for good.


He came across the Aztecs Mob and after following ther group was able to join. At the time there was no dominant male so Zoltan establisted dominace. At the time Proteus was the new dominant female after her mother had died. Proteus gave birth to Makailopeli, Chantico, Talocan, Xilonen and Xochipilli on April 5, 2011. Zoltan is still the dominant male of the Aztecs today.


Mother: Bootle

Father: Gazebo

Brother: Phoenix

Sisters: Athena and Savannah

Mate: Proteus

Children: Makailopeli, Chantico, Talocan, Xilonen and Xochipilli


Frisky Mob

Zebra Mob

Aztecs Mob

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