Wild[edit | edit source]

Zephoryis (SAM0021) was born on May 4,2001 in a wild mob.His mother and father were unknown.He was a single pup.When he was two years old,he started to rove.Zephoryis mated with a wild female who gave birth to two female pups,Itla,and Summer.Zephoyris then left the group along with some other rovers and they found four females.

Jets[edit | edit source]

The mob was called the Jets.Coisma assumed dominace along with Zephoyris.He wore the collor.Coisma gave birth to Amber and Owen.She evicted Lara.Coisma produced a few litters.She gave birth to Lisa and Dawiane on Febrauy 3,2005.She evicted Sue.Zephoyris started to beat up some of the males,and some of them left the group.Coisma gave birth to SZJ0025 on Augset 2,2005.Zephoyris evicted a wild male,who later died.Then in March,2006,Coisma died of TB.Zephoyris became to rove.He mated with Lisa,a female from the Zapper.She later gave birth to a meerkat pup who was killed.Sadly,on April 3,2006,Zephoyris was killed by a bird of prey.

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