Zenoheld Vexos


Formaly of the Vexos and Minions
Date of Birth
First Seen August 26, 2001
Wild Female and Wild Male
Unknown; but was first seen with Professor Clay
Known for
First Dominant Male of the Vexos and new dominant male of the Minions


Zenoheld(VVXM001) first seen on August 26, 2001 with three females and one wild male. His birth mob is unknown and family are unknown other than his traveling companion Professor Clay(VVXM002) who he was first seen with. They were first seen with Millerna, Merle and Eries form the Escaflowne Mob. They stayed together and formed a new group called the Vexos. Zenoheld took male dominance while Millerna took female dominance of the new group. Millerna gave birth to Mylene, Hydron, Volt and Shadow on May 16, 2002. There was a group split but all the meerkat soon returned, Zenoheld still retained his dominance. Eries died and Merle was evicted making Millerna the only unrelated female in the group. Millerna gave birth to Spyder, Hexstar, Brontes and Hydranoid on April 12, 2003. She remained the dominant female till July 23, 2003 when she sadly died. Zenoheld and Professor Clay left the group to rove. His eldest daughter Mylene took dominance with Hydron however he was over threw by Volt A few months later five Pegasus females joined the group and kicked out Mylene. Naga and Volt now led the group today.


Zenoheld and Proffessor Clay joined five Whiskers females and a wild male and formed the Minions Mob. Zenoheld took dominance in newly formed the Minions with new dominant female Thelma. However it was her sister Daisy who gave birth to Thorn and Rose on August 3, 2003. Zenoheld was not the father but the wild male named Bushman. Thelma gave birth to Kacy, Kiki and Kale on Spetember 16, 2003. She gave birth again on Janaury 27, 2004 to Earlena, Coley, Aiken and Jada. In April Professor Clay left the group to form the Kalabari. On May 26, 2004 she gave birth to Adam and Eve. On October 30, 2004 she gave birth again to Qually, Kangaroo and Rabbit. By then Thelma and Zenoheld had been the dominant pair for a little over a year. Thelma gave birth to Jill, Rebecca, Chris, Leon, Nemesis and Queen Bee on March 5, 2005. Bushman was Last Seen on July 17, 2005 leaving Zenoheld's dominance unchallanged. Thelma lost her next litter. In October Zenoheld became very sick. On November 6, 2005 Zenoheld was found dead. It was believed he died of disease. Thorn became the dominant male after him. Thelma was predated in April 2006 and her sister Louise became the new dominant female.


Vexos Mob

Minions Mob

Hydron Vexos

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