Zelda Aztecs

Zelda Aztecs

Yes of the Aztecs
Date of Birth
March 6-9, 2010
Monukulus and unknown
Navi, Jam, Mr. Ellie, Mr. Cat and General Big Daddy
VAZM054, VAZM055 and VAZF056, VAZP057, VAZP058, VAZP059 and VAZP060
Known For
Dominant Female of the Aztces


Zelda(VAZF027) was born in Aztecs on March 6-9, 2010. Her mother was Monkulus and her father was an unknown rovers. She was born in a large litter of six with five brothers named Mr. Cat(VAZM022), Mr. Ellie(VAZM023), General Big Daddy(VAZM024), Navi(VAZM025) and Jam(VAZM026). All six pups survived their first few weeks and started foraging with the adults. Zelda and her brothers survived to adulthood without much event. Her mother became pregnant and she evicted three females from the group, soon after Zelda and her sister Kathleen was evicted too and joined her sisters group.


Zelda and Kathleen joined the Pandora Mob, was formed by Snowflake, Toblerone and Mollie and five Van Helsing males. Zelda and Kathleen was seen mating with the Van Helsing males and became pregnant, they was evicted.


Instead of rejoined the Pandora, the two females returned to the Aztecs where Zelda aborted her litter. In October 2011 her mother was predated, she fought for dominance but she lost to Kathleen. Soon Kathleen became pregnant and evicted Zelda and Santa and gave birth. Sometime after a Puff Adder attack the main burrow and Zelda was bitten in her left eye, she suvirved the bitten but she lost her left eye. Zelda was the oldest subordinante female so she was the most likely to take dominance after her sister. In early 2012, her brother Navi left the group with three other Aztecs males. In October 2012, the Aztecs males went roving and four Sequoia males had joined the group, however in November the Aztecs split in two, forming the Mayans. Zelda was in the Mayans and although she was the oldest female but unable to take dominance. The Mayans then were joined by the same four Sequoia males who had been kicked out of the group by the returning Aztecs males. Soon after Zelda left the Mayans and rejoined the Aztecs. Kethleen had died leaving the dominant female position to Zelda. In ealry 2013, a group of Van Helsing rovers from the near by Pandora joined the remaining Aztec members. The oldest of the males named Cecil took up dominance beside Zelda and became her mate. Zelda soon became pregnant and gaive birth on April 23, 2013 to three pups, VAZM054, VAZM055 and VAZF056. Zelda became pregnant againt and gave birth to VAZP057, VAZP058, VAZP059 and VAZP060 in October 2013. Zelda is sill as the dominant female of the Aztecs.


Aztecs Mob

Pandora Mob

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