Zarathustra Whiskers


Formally of the Commandos
Date of Birth
February 22, 2004
Flower and Yossarian
Lucky, Arminata Ditch, Monkulus and Pozzo
Known for
Dominant Male of the Commandos
Also Known for
Evicting his brother Miles


Zarathustra(VWM067) was born into the Whiskers Mob on the February 22, 2004. His mother was Flower and his father was Yossarian. His four other litter-mates were his brother, Pozzo(VWM065), and his three sistersMonkulus(VWF063), Lucky(VWF66) and Armanita Ditch(VWF064).Yossarian lost dominance to Zaphod who became the long-term dominant male. Whe he was an adult Zarathustra went roving with his father Yossairan and a Young Ones male named Sepp. They joined the Lazuli with his father but they were chased out by the males. Yossarian died leaving Zarathustra the soul survivor. He lived in the Whiskers for three years. His sisters Monkulus and Arminata Ditch were evicted by Flower but Monkulus rejoined the group. Arminata helped formed the Starsky and later the Leprechaun before she died. Monkulus helped form the Aztecs where she took domiannce before she died. Zarathustra took male dominance after Zaphod left and Rocket Dog took female dominance after Flower died. After some time in the Whiskers family, Zrathustra went roving again with his half-brothers, Miles, Baker, Panthro and his nephew, Karim. The five males formed a roving coalition and emigrated into another mob.


The other mob was the Commandos. The five males kicked out seven of the Commandos males who later joined the Vivian. Zarathustra took male dominance in the group beside the dominant female Zorilla. He evicted his younger brother Miles for trying to mate with Zorilla. She evicted some females who joined Miles, Baker and Karim to form the Barbarians Mob. Only Zarathustra and Panthro remained. Zarathustra fathered three litters of Zorilla. Zorilla gave birth on April 12, 2008 to Zorro, Zoroaster and Ziggurat. They were Zarathustra's first litter ever. Zorilla gave birth to Khasar, Dashti, Saren, Buta and Tegus August 18, 2008. Then on December 2008: Zorilla gave birth to Rosie, Nikita, Venus, Zoo Zoo, Moltan and Dazba. They survived too. After Zorilla and Zarathustra, Zorro's older half sister Celidh became the domiannt female with his uncle Panthro. Zarathustra died on October 22, 2008. Nikita now leads the group with Hannibal a Vivian male.

Faith of Zarathustra's ChildrenEdit

Ever meerkat from his first litter ebcame a dominant in another group. His duaghter Zoroaster later formed the Zambia where she became the dominant female. Her two brothers later formed the Xerxes where Zoro became the dominant male. Ziggurat later joined the Gladiators with Zoo Zoo where he became the dominant male. He is the only one who isn't still in the Commandos is his from his litter. Khasar, who is in the Xerxes, is just like his grandfather, who likes to make burrow moves and carry away pups. His brothers Tegus and Buta are also still in the Xerxes. Their sisters Seran and Dashti were evicted and later formed the Thunderians Mob.


Mother: Flower
Zarathustra with Sera

Zarathustra with Sera

Father: Yossarian

Brother: Pozzo

Sisters: Lucky, Arminanta Ditch and Monkulus

Mate: Zorilla


First Litter born on April 12, 2008 mothered by Zorilla

Zoroaster (VCDF042) Still Alive, living in the Zambia as the dominant female

Ziggurat (VCDM043) Still Alive, living in the Gladiators as the dominant male

Zorro (VCDMM044) Still Alive, living in the Xerxes as the dominant male

Second litter born on August 18, 2008 mothered by Zorilla

Dashti (VCDF055) Still Alive, living in the Thunderians

Tegus (VCDM056) Still Alive, living in the Xerxes

Khasar (VCDM057) Still Alive, living in the Xerxes

Buta (VCDM058) Still Alive, living in the Xerxes

Saren (VCDF059) Still Alive, living in the Thunderuans

Third litter born on December 16, 2009 mothered by Zorilla

Nikita (VCDF060) Still Alive, living in the Commandos as the dominant female

Rosie (VCDF061) Still Alive, living in the Commandos

Venus (VCDF062) Still Alive, living in the Commandos

Zoo Zoo(VCDM063) Still Alive, living in the Gladiatos

Moltan (VCDM064) Still Alive, living in the Commandos

Dazba (VCDF065) Still Alive, living in the Commandos


Whiskers Mob

Commandos Mob

Monkulus Whiskers

Zorilla Gattaca

Zoroaster Commandos

Nikita Commandos

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