Zappa Mob

Zappa Mob

Date of Forming
August 2001
Bettik, Imp, Elf and Mack
Dominant Female(s)
Bettik, Ermintrude, Lola, Punk, Milla, Katesa, Katz and Smudge
Dominant Male(s)
Mack, Glufs, Donald, Withnail, Thumbnail, Lugnut and Achelous
Current Dominant Female
Current Dominant Male
Number of Members
Evicted Meerkat(s)
Mitzi, Hima and Naira
Roving Meerkat(s)
Brucet, Texus, Ray, Avent, Burrell, Curtis and Delron

The Zappa was formed in August 2001 by Elveera females and Drie Doring males. After the inital dominant male Mach succumd to disease a signal Young Ones male Glufs joined the group. Shortly after long-term dominant female Bettik died leaving her daughter Ermetrude as the new dominant. However she was lost after a few months. Lola first helped dominance before she was overthrown a year later by her sister Punk. Natal-males help dominance after the lost of Glufs untill all the males were replaced by wild. Under Punk's rule the group began to dwindle in numbers untill after Punk was killed by a pradator. Both Lola's daughters help dominance however all the adult males left the group and were replaced by wild males. Slowly the group began to grain their numbers over the years.

Dominant Pair

When the mob was formed, Bettik became the dominant female with Mack as dominance male. After Bettik and Mack died, a Young Ones males joined. Ermintrude became the dominant females. She gave birth to two litters and died was killed by a snake. Lola took over as dominant female. Lola was bitten by a snake but survived. She lost dominance to her sister Punk who took over leadership of the group. Glufs died and natal males assumed male dominance but all left and two wild males joined bu soon left. Punk was predated in November 2009. Lola's daughter Milla took over as dominant female but she soon died and her sister Katesa became the new dominant female. Withnail left the group and a new wild male named Thumbnail took over as the dominant male. Both Thumbnail and Katesa were lost in late 2011. Katz and Lugnut held dominance however after an invadion of Vivian males, Lugnut left the group. Achelous became the new dominant male. Katz was hit by a car and died in September 2012. Smudge became the new dominant female.

Current Members

The Zappa have 21 members as of September 2012.

Smudge (VZZF080) Dominant Female

Achelous (VVM148) Dominant Male

Burcet (VVM153)

Texus (VVM

Ray (VVM162)

Avent (VVM164)

Burrell (VVM166)

Curtis (VVM167)

Delron (VVM168)

Mitzi (VZZF088)

Shin Can (VZZM089)

Whitey (VZZF090)

Hima (VZZF091)

Hero (VZZM092)

Naira (VZZF094)

Argor (VZZM095)

Ubba (VZZF096)

Hurrit (VZZM097)

Nutella (VZZF098)

Misha (VZZF099)

Yeo Woo (VZZM100)

All Known Members

A list of meerkats born or joined the Zappa.
Bettik Elveera


Mack (VDM010)

Bettik (VEF022)

Elf (VEF034)

Gin (VZZM001)

Brandy (VZZF002)

Whisky (VZZF003)

Nataka (VVZM004)

Baribi (VZZF005)
Dougal Zappa


Tatu (VVZM006)

Tucker (VZZM007)

Baspus (VZZM008)

Lucy Liu (VZZF009)

Maya (VZZF010)

Mr. Ben (VZZM0011)

Pootle (VZZM012)

Soe Mi Ti (VZZF012)

Taphin (VZZF013)

Cat Cat (VZZF014)

Dr. Kimble (VZZM015)

Asjas (VZZF016)

Bilksem (VZZF017)

Windgat (VZZF018)

Megan (VZZF019)

Tasmin (VZZF020)

Timotei (VZZF021)


Dylan (VZZM024)

Dougal (VZZM025)

Brian The Snail (VZZM026)

Milla Zappa


Ermintrude (VZZF027)

Zeberd (VZZF028)


Jonny Bravo (VZZM030)

Orion (VZZM031)

Pleiades (VZZF032)

Yeti (VZZM033)

Borogrove (VZZM034)

Momerath (VZZM035)

Puck (VZZM036)

Titivillus (VZZM037)




Skol (VZZM041)

Lola (VZZF042)

Pimms (VZZM043)

Punk (VZZF044)

Aristotle (VZZM045)


Monster Munch (VZZM047)

Aurora (VZZF048)

Scallywag (VZZM049)

Shadowflax (VZZM050)

Naboo (VZZM051)

Tatooine (VZZF052)

Endor (VZZM053)

Dirty Harry (VZZM054)

Milla (VZZF056)

Katesa (VZZF057)

Kamakazi (VZZM058)

Withnail (VZZM059)

Indy (VZZM060)

Gimli (VZZM061)

Eowyn (VZZF062)


Fruggel (VZZF064)


Hannie (VZZF066)

Lugnut (VZZM067)

Thumbnail (VZZM068)

Timoty (VZZM069)

Poker (VZZM070)

Daryl (VZZM071)

Sossar (VZZM072)

Katz (VZZF073)

Andy Mad (VZZM074)

Sky (VZZF075)

Gracio Jul (VZZF076)

Fudge (VZZF077)

Pudge (VZZM078)

Grudge (VZZM079)

Smudge (VZZF080)

Flee (VZZF081)

Chad (VZZM082)

Anthony (VZZM083)

Josh (VZZM084)

Caleb (VZZM085)

Deebee (VZZF086)

Johanna (VZZF087)

Mitzi (VZZF088)

Shin Can (VZZM089)

Whitey (VZZF090)

Hima (VZZF091)

Hero (VZZM092)









For a long times the Zappa's main rivals were the Elveera and a nearby wild group, that some of the wild males came from. The Zappa moved away from the Elveera and started starte dhavign encounters with wild groups. The Zappa also ecounter the Young Ones when the Young Ones moved next to the Zappa.


August 2001: Elveera females Bettik and Elf teamed up with Drie Doring males. Bettik and Mack became the dominant pair.

September 2001: One encounter with Elveera

October 2001: Bettik was pregnant. Elf was evicted.

November 2001: Bettik gave birth to Brandy, Gin and Whisky.

December 2001: Two enoucnters with Elveera

January 2002: One encuonter with a wild group

February 2002: Bettik was pregnant

March 2002: Bettik gave birth to Baribi, Nataka, Tatu and Tucker

April 2002: Elf was pregnant.

May 2002: Elf gave birth to Baspus, Lucy Liu, Maya, Mr. Ben and Pootle

June 2002: Three enouncter with a wild group.

July 2002: Elf aborted.

August 2002: Bettik was pregnant. Elf was evicted.

September 2002: Bettik gave birth to Soe Mi Ti, Taphin and Cat Cat. Elf was Last Seen.

October 2002: One encounter with a wild mob

November 2002: Gin went roving. One encounter with a wild mob.

December 2002: One encounter with Elveera.

January 2003: Bettik was pregnant. Three encounter with Elveera

February 2003: Bettik gave birth to Dr. Kimble, Asjas, Windgat and Bilksem.

March 2003: One enoucnter with Elveera. Dr. Kimble was aboted into Elveera.

April 2003: Whisky and Gin went roving.

May 2003: Bettik was pregnant. Gin went roving.

June 2003: Bettik aborted.

July 2003: One enoucnter with Elveera

August 2003: Two encounters with Elveera and Nutters

September 2003: Bettik's pregnant. Brandy, Lucy Liu, Maya and Cat Cat were evicted. Lucy Liu, Maya and Cat Cat left the group.  One enouncter with Nutters.

October 2003: Bettik gave birth to Megan, Tasmin and Timotei.

November 2003: Gin, Bagpus, Mr. Ben and Nataka left the group.

December 2003: Bettik was pregnant. Brandy, Lucy Liu, Maya and Cat Cat were evicted.

January 2004: Bettik gave birth to Brian The Snail, Dougal, Dylan, Ermintrude and Zeberd

February 2004: One enouncter with Elveera.

March 2004: Gin, Tucker and Baspus went roving. Bettik was pregnant again.

April 2004: Bettik gave birth to VZZF029, Jonny Bravo, Orion and Pleiades

May 2004: One encounter with Nutters.

June 2004: Gin, Baspus and Mr. Ben went roving.

July 2004: VZZF029 was predated.

August 2004: Bettik was pregnant. Bettik evicted Brandy, Seo Mi Ti and Taphin who left the mob and formed the Jackals.

September 2004: Bettik gave birth to Yeti, Borogrove, Momerath and Puck and Titivillus.

October 2004: Too encounters with Nutters. Baridi, Tusker and Timotei were Last Seen.

November 2004: Mack died from an infection.

December 2004: One enoucnter with Drie Doring

Juanuary 2005: Two encounters with a unknown male

February 2005: Megan was pregnant

March 2005: Megan gave birth to Lola, Skol, Punk and Pimms.

April 2005: A rover appeared from a wild group

May 2005: Glufs joined the group and became the dominant male.

June 2005: Pleiades aborted.

July 2005: Bettik was pregnant. Bettik evicted Magen, Tasmin, Zedred, Pleiades and Yeti were evicted and left the group.

August 2005: Bettik gave birth to Aristotle and VZZF046.

September 2005: Bettik was killed by a predator. Ermintrude assumed dominance.

October 2005: Ermintrude was pregnant

November 2005: Ermintrude gave birth to Monster Munch, Aurora, Scallywag and Shadowflax

December 2005: Brian the Snail and Dylan went roving.

January 2006: Ermintrude was pregnant. She evicted Windgat who formed the Rugrats.

February 2006: Erminatrude gave birth to Naboo, Tatooine and Endor.

March 2006: Ermintrude was bitten by a snake a bied. Lola became the dominant female.

April 2006: Lola aborted.

May 2006: Dougals went roving.

June 2006: Lola was pregnant.

July 2006: Lola gave birth to Dirty Harry, Milla, Katesa and Kamakazi

August 2006: Two encounters with Elveera and one with a wild group.

September 2006: Glufs was predated. Dougal assumed dominance.

October 2006: One enoucter with Lazuli

November 2006: Pimms, Skol and Aristotle left the group.

December 2006: Two enoucnters with Lazuli

January 2007: Dougal, Johnny Bravo, Boragrove and Momerath left the group

February 2007: Titivillus went roving.

March 2007: Dylan, Orion, Titivillus, and Puck went roving and left the group.

April 2007: One encounter with a wild mob.

May 2007: Two enoucnters with Elveera.

June 2007: Lola was attacked by a hawk but survived.

July 2007: Punk over threw Lola and became the new dominant female. Scallywag, Shadowflax, Naboo and Dirty Harry left the group to form the Kappa.

August 2007: Punk aborted, Withnail and Indy joined the group and Withnail became the dominant male

September 2007: One enounter with a wild group. Both Punk and Lola were pregnant.

October 2007: Punk was pregnant, Lola aborted her litter.

November 2007: Punk was pregnant. She evicted Lola, Aurora, Pleiades and Yeti.

December 2007: Punk gave birth to Gimli, Eowyn and VZZP063.

January 2008: VZZP063 was killed by Lazuli. Endor left the group and joined the Kappa.

February 2008: Punk, Milla and Katesa were all pregnant.

March 2008: Milla gave birth to Fruggel, VZZM065, Hannie and Lugnut. Katesa and Punk lost their litters.

April 2008: VZZM065 was predated.

June 2008: Punk maybe pregnant.

July 2008: Punk was pregant. She evicted Milla and Katesa

August 2008: Punk lost her litter, Punk was predated. Milla assumed the dominant female position.

September 2008: Indy went roving

October 2008: Milla aborted. Katesa was pregnant.

November 2008: Katesa lost her litter. Milla was Last Seen. Katesa became the dominant female. Withnail, Indy and Gimli left the group and were Last Seen. No dominant male.

December 2008: Indy and Gimli went roving. Timoty, Poker and Daryl and Thumbnail joined the group and Thumbnail became the dominant male.

January 2009: Timoty, Poker and Daryl went roving. Two encounters with a wild group.

Freburary 2009: Katesa was pregnant. One encounter with a wild group.

March 2009: Ketesa gave birth to Sossar, Katz and Andy Mad. 

April 2009: Poker and Daryl went roving.

May 2009: Katesa aborted. Serge and Jeffery appeared. Three encounters with Young Ones.

June 2009: Timoty went roving.

July 2009: Eowyn was pregnant.

August 2009: Eowyn gave birth to Gracio Jul and Sky. Katesa aborted. Poker went roving.

September 2009: Timoty, Poker and Daryl went roving. One enoucter with Young Ones.

October 2009: Katesa was pregnant. She evicted Eowyn.

November 2009: Katesa gave birth to Pudge, Fudge, Grudge and Smudge.

December 2009: Poker and Lugnut went roving.

January 2010: Timoty, Poker and Daryl left the group and formed the Willow Mob. One enoucter with Young Ones.

February 2010: Eowyn was pregnant. Timoty, Pokwer, Daryl, Lugnut, Sassor went roving.

March 2010: Katesa was pregnant. Eowyn lost her litter. Eowyn, Fruggel and Hannie were evicted.

April 2010: Katesa gave birth to Chad, Anthony, Flea and Josh.

May 2010: Timoty and Daryl went roving. One encounter with Young Ones.

June 2010: Grudge was predated. Two encounters with Young ones.

July 2010: Katesa aborted. Hannie was pregnant.

August 2010: Hannie lost her litter. Eowyn was pregnant.

September 2010: Eowyn aborted. Katesa was pregnant. Eowyn, Fruggel, Hannie, Katz and Gracio Jul were evicted.

October 2010: Katesa gave birth to Johanna, DeeBee and Caleb.

November 2010: Eowyn, Fruggel and Hannie were evicted and left the group to form the Kong Mob.

December 2010: Sky and Fudge were pregnant. Lugnut, Sassor and Andy Mad went roving.

January 2011: Sky and Fudge gave birth to but the litter was lost.

February 2011: Katesa was pregnant. Katz, Gracio Jul, Sky and Fudge were evicted. Two encounters with a wild group.

March 2011:  Katesa gave birth but lost her litter. Gracio Jul was pregnant. Three encounters with Young Ones.

April 2011: Gracio gave birth to Whitey, Shin Can, Mitzi, Hima and Hero.

May 2011: Lugnut, Sassor, Andy Mad and Pudge went roving.

June 2011: Sassor, Andy Mad, Pudge, Grudge and Josh left the group and joined the Hoppla. One encounter with Young Ones.

July 2011: Sky was predated. One encounter with Elveera.

August 2011: Lugnut, Sky, Chad and Anthony went roving.

September 2011: Katesa was pregnant. Katz, Gracio Jul, Smudge and Fudge were evicted. Gracio Jul was Last Seen. Lugnut, Sky, Chad and Anthony went roving.

October 2011: Katesa gave birth to VZZP093, Naira, Argor and Ubba.

November 2011: Thumbnail died. Lugnut became the dominant male. Lugnut, Sky, Chad and Anthony went roving.

December 2011: VZZP093 was predated. Katesa died. Katz became the new dominant female. Lugnut, Chad, Anthony and Caleb went roving. Two encounters with Starsky.

Janaury 2012: Lugnut, Andy Mad, Chad, Anthony and Caleb went roving.

February 2012: Lugnut, Andy Mad, Chad, Anthony, Caleb left the group and joined the Vivian. Achelous, Brucet, Texus, Ray, Avent, Burrell, Curtis and Delron joined the group. Achelous became the dominant male.

March 2012: Achelous, Brucet, Ray, Avent Burrell, Curtis and Delron went roving.

April 2012: Katz was pregnant. Sky, Smudge, Fudge, Flea Johanna and DeeBee were evicted. Fudge, Flea, Johanna and DeeBee and left the group. 

May 2012: Katz gave birth to Hurrit, Nutella, Misha and Yeo Woo.

June 2012: Two encounters with Vivian.

July 2012: Katz aborted. Sky and Hima was evicted. Sky was Last Seen. One encounter with Vivian.

August 2012: Brucet, Ray, Avent, Burrell, Curtis, Delron, Whitey, Shin Chan and Hero went roving.

September 2012: Katz was hit by a car and died. Smudge became the new dominant female.

October 2012: Brucet, Ray, Avent, Burrell, Curtis and DelronWhitey, Shin Chan and Hero went roving.

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