Zaphod Vivian

Zaphod Vivian(VVM032).jpg

Yes of the Whiskers, Incas, Aztecs and now the Underdog
Date of Birth
December 19,1999
Date of Death
N/A still alive
Death Cause
N/A still alive
Known for
Dominant male of Whiskers, Incas, Aztecs and Underdog
Also Known as
King Of The Kalahari
Age when first became dominant
Two years old

Zaphod Vivian is the former dominant male of the Whiskers Mob. Zaphod first arrived in Whiskers in 2001 and became dominant male in mid 2001 after he deposed his older brother, Izit. Zaphod was among the seven Vivian males that joined the Whiskers in a large coaltion and ousted most of Whiskers males from the group. Izit, one of Zaphod's older brothers, quickly took dominance in the group. The dominant female of the Whiskers group was Risca by then. Izit lost dominance and Zaphod took dominance. After the dominant female changed to Vialli, Zapgod remained dominant in Whiskers until Flower took female dominance and became Zaphod's long-term partner. Zaphod lost his dominant position once to his brother, Yossarian, in 2003 but her managed to regain dominance again by mid 2004. Zaphod and Flower ruled the Whiskers Mob until in January 25,2000 was the death of Zaphod's long-term mate, Flower. His niece Rocket Dog took dominant female in the group. After in March when a group formed the Aztecs Mob, Zaphod remained dominant male for a few weeks longer in Whiskers. After a while he, along with a few Whiskers males, left the group and formed an all male group called Incas Mob which was actually short lived as in mid year the group led by Zaphod immigrated into the Aztecs group by by Zaphod's niece Monkulus. Zaphod and his group ousted a Young Ones male from the Aztecs and Zaphod took dominant male position in the group since then. The a group of JaXX males joined the group kicking him and four other males out. He soon joined four Abba females and formed the Underdog where he took males dominance.


Zaphod(VVVM032) was born on December 19,1999 in the Vivian Mob. His mother was Vivian(VVVF001) and his father was Phoenix(VEM005) from the Elveera Mob. Zaphod was born with one litter-mate brother, Yossarian(VVVM033) and one sister, Rapunzel(VVVF034). Zaphod and his siblings survived to adulthood. In mid year some of the Viavian died out by the group still remained a large group and was one of the large groups of the South African Meerkat Project formed in 1997. The dominant male of the Vivian was a Drie Doring male but he disappeared and an old Young Ones male had been dominant in Vivian for a long time. Zaphod reached adulthood but he did not become dominant male in Vivian as most of the group females were related to him. After a year in the group his sister Rapunzel was evicted and disappeared. Some Vivian died from disease and others dispersed. After two years in the group Zaphod and his brothers began to rove and left the group. The largest roving male Vivian part was consisted of Zaphod,Yossarian,Izit,Basil,Genghis,Alexander,Attila and Phooey. The group was led by Basil(VVVM015), the oldest of the males.


The group then immigrated into another group called Whiskers in 2001. After a short while the Vivian males were accepted by the Whiskers group which by that time consisted of Risca,Vialli,Zola,Wahine,Dangerous Dave,Artemis,Aphrodite,Smithers,Flower,Mi Julie,Rydapuni. Izit took dominance and became the dominant male of the group. The dominant female of the group was Risca. After about a week or so the males began to fight for dominance and even with Izit who had already established dominant male position in the group. Izit was then outnumbered by the other males and was deposed and bullied by the other males. Zaphod then established his dominance and took dominant male position in the group. Life settled for a short while. Basil left the group and joined Lazuli Mob. Two more Vivian males, Zazu and Patas, joined Whiskers within that month. While the group was foraging they split into two groups and when they reunited Risca and Vialli fought dominance. Vialli took dominance. Vialli evicted Risca from the group along with another Whiskers female, Wahine. Izit left the group and joined the the Whiskers females and two other Vivian males and formed Gattaca Mob. Vialli was the dominant female and Zaphod was the dominant male. Vialli gave birth to seven pups and later on disappeared. Flower took dominant female in the group and Zaphod as dominant male. Flower evicted four females and they formed Asphodel Mob with wild males. Flower gave birth to Zaphod's litter in August. Then gave birth to another of Zaphod's litters. She mated with a Gattaca male and gave birth to three pups. One of the pups was predated a few weeks after. Phooey and Yossarian began to compete with each other for dominance and the fight between the two escalated to involve the other males. Zaphod joined in the fight and after a few days, Yossrian attacked him. Zaphod won. Phooey then attacked Zaphod and also lost. Yossarian attacked Zaphod again but again Zaphod won the fight and left his brother Yossarian with a scar over his left eye which marked him for life. Zaphod was clearly exhausted and Alexander attacked him. Zaphod won the fight. By the next mourning while the group was out foraging, Yossrian attacked Zaphod again and this time, Yossarian won the fight and took male dominance in the group. Zaphod was then attacked by the other males. He was attacked by Alexander and one of the young males, Dangerous Dave(VWM033) and chased out of the group.

Following his deposal from the dominant position in Whiskers, Zaphod became a regular rover and roved with some of the males to other groups. He once visited Young Ones and mated with the new dominant female by then , Veda and fathered her three pups. Zaphod, Phooey and Alexander spent their days mating with females in Young Ones and did not return to Whiskers for a day or two. Three Young Ones females were evicted and Zaphod and his brothers teamed up with the females, mating freely but one the third day, the three Young Ones females disappeared. Zaphod and his brothers returned to Whiskers led by Flower and Yossarian. Yossarian was very aggressive, with four other males in the group his dominant position was under threat and this made him aggressive towards the other males in the group. After Yossarian fathered two of Flower's litters, Zaphod then attacked him. Zaphod overthrew Yossarian and took back dominance. Zaphod fathered more and more of Flower's pups. He and Flower were the dominant pair of Whiskers for six years until sadly on January 25,2007 Flower was killed by a snake bite and Zaphod was left with unrelated females in the group. Rocket Dog took dominance. A splinter from Whiskers formed Aztecs in March. After about two weeks in Whiskers, Zaphod finally left the group along with four other males.


Zaphod, Logan,Ningaloo,Orinoco and Alonzo Mourning left the Whiskers group in a roving band. The band remained together and the group was then named Incas Mob. Zaphod took dominance and leadership of the group. For two days Incas lived in a small territory and was more nomadic type of the group. They did not migrate into any other group and nor did it have any group encounters with other groups but because there were no females in the group, it was not realy considered an established group nor did it grow. Incas led by Zaphod remained in existence for only a short time.


After for about a month, Zaphod's Incas group then came across Aztecs led by his niece Monkulus. The group had one Young Ones male in it and as soon as the Incas males immigrated into the group, they ousted the Young Ones rover. Zaphod became the dominant male of the group. After about a month Monkulus gave birth to four pups, the first litter born in Aztecs. She evicted three females, Flo, Billy and Bananas, who were actually Zaphod's daughters. They founded Van Helsing Mob. By next month Monkulus and Burdock as well as Squig were pregnant. Monkulus gave birth but Squig and Burdock lost their litters. The Aztecs group had two encounters with Baobab within a month but were observed to have extended their range a bit closer to Whiskers. They had encounters with Whiskers as well. One of the members, Tofu, disappeared. Some of the males who were in Incas left the group. Logan joined a wild group. Ningaloo returned to Whiskers. Orinoco disappeared. By the end of three months the only males in the group who were part of the Incas group still in Aztecs group were dominant male Zaphod and his son Alonzo Mourning. Monkulus gave birth to five pups resently. In mib 2010 a gruop of JaXX males emigrated into the group kicking out Zaphod, Marmite, Piglet, Moliere ansd Chaka. Then males roved form two months before then joined foru Abba female and formed the Underdog Mob.


Female dominance was taken by Fire Fox. Male dominance was fougth over by Zaphod, Marmite and Piglet. After a month of fighting Zaphod finnally won the position of dominant male taking Fire Fox as his new mate. Fire Fox gave birth to five pups in July. the pups were Old Yeller(VUDM005), Lassie (VUDF006), Lucky (VUDM007), Nana (VDUF008), Rintintin (VUDM009). Zaphod is still the current dominant male of the Underdog and is the oldest meerkat of the South Africa Meerkat Project.

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