Zaphod Vivian(VVM032)


Zaphod Life== Zaphod Life is a new series who shows all the life and adventure of Zaphod, the King Of The Kalahari.

Season 1Edit


Zaphod: Our hero, an adventurer and corageus pup who learn whow to live in the kalahari.

Yossarian: The bully litter mate brother of Zaphod.

Rapunzel: The caring and gentle litter mate sister of Zaphod

Vivian: Caring and beloved mother of Zaphod

Stinker: The hard and rude stepfather of zaphod

Rhian: The mean step sister of Zaphod.

Marianne: The caring babysitter


Holly: dominant

Argon: Dominant

Viali: The main babysitter


Ziziphus: Bloody queen

Belgarion: Strong leader

Young Ones:

Morgause: Brave queen.


1: Coming Soon

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