Second book of the mob series. Details on the mob series page.

1. ProlougeEdit

Zaphod knew he couldn't keep going for the Zappa forever. The commandos? No, Hannibal is picky. The lazuli? No, JD will be there. The starsky have my children in it and the Hoax has my son hmm Zaphod thought. Then he got an idea. Where there were no aggressive members trying to chase him off and where a dominant female had no breeding partner. This group also had members that he was unrelated to. The Moomins! he thought. He was only two years older than Grumpy and he was also two years older than Flower. He felt a stab of pain when he thought of his old mate. But was the feeling really pain? It was unknown to Zaphod, but he was ready to lead another group with an unrelated female and father pups again. But there was one dilema. Moomins territory was at the very end of the KMP and it was going to be a long time ahead, but Zaphod was ready for anything and began the long trek that lay before him

2. Flower's jealousyEdit

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