The Youma was founded by two evicted Pandora females and Baobab in mid late 2014. The Baobab males soon abandon the group to join the Pandora, displacing two males from there who joined the Youma. Males from the Pandora joined the group while one of the females returned to the Pandora, only later to rejoin the group with another female. None of the males took dominance and were eventually replaced by Chalibonkas males led by Boabab male Bumpy. 

Dominant PairEdit

After Boetie rejoined the Pandora, Mandela became the only female in the group so she took dominance by default. Male dominance has been uncurtain since the start. In August, a group of Chalibonkas males left by ex-dominant male Bumpy joined the group. 

Current MembersEdit

The Youma have 15 members as of October 2015. 

Mandela (VPAF018) Dominant Female

Bumpy (VBB042) Dominant Male

Boetie (VPAF016)

Ossewaenia (VPAF020)












All Known MembersEdit

A list of meerkats who were born or joined the Youma.

Mr Lahey (VBBM062)

Skat Kat (VBBM071)

Artemis (VBBM085)

Lang Meneer (VPAM015)

Beotie (VPAF016)

Mandela (VPAF018)

Ossewaenia (VPAF020)

T-Wink (VPAM022)



VYMM003 Bumpy (VBBM042)






The Youma first encountered the Pandora and Baobab, however as a smaller mob, they would often flee. The Youma moved territories and settled next to the Genghiskhats and Chalibonkas


October 2014: Beotie and Mandela joined up with Mr Lahey, Skat Kat and Artemis. Mandela was evicted but rejoined and became the dominant female. Beotie rejoined Pandora. Artemis went roving. Beotie and General Big Daddy visited. One encounter with Baobab.

November 2014: Artemis, Mr Lahey and Skat Kat left the group. Lang Meneer visited twice and joined the group. 

December 2014: Lang Meneer and T-Wink joined the group. Unknown dominant pair. 

January 2015: Unknown dominant pair. Mandela was both pregnant. T-Wink and Lang Meneer went roving and were absent. 

February 2015: Mandela gave birth to VYUF001, VYUM002 and VYUM003. VHM065 visited the group once. One encounter with Pandora. Lang Meneer and T-Wink were absent. 

March 2015: No events. Unknown dominant couple.

April 2015: Unknown dominant couple. 

May 2015: VYMF001 was evicted.

June 2015: Lang Meener and T Wink went roving. Lang Meener was absent. Bumpy, VCKM003, VCKM004, VCKM008 and VCKM009 joined the group. Bumpy became the dominant male.

July 2015: Lang Meener and T Wink went roving, appeared back at the group and was absent at the end of the month. 

August 2015: Lang Meener and T Wink went roving and were absent. Mandela was pregnant.

September 2015: Lang Meener and T Wink left the group. Boetie and Ossewaenia joined the group. Mandela gave birth to VYUP004, VYUP005, VYUP006 and VYUP007.

October 2015: Boetie was pregnant and evicted. Ossewaenia aborted. One encounter with Chalibonkas. 

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