Wollow Whiskers

Wollow Whiskers(VWM105)

Formerly of the Teletubbies
Date of Birth
February 24, 2006
Mozart and JD
Karim, Miss Lilly The Pink and Ju Drop
Young and VTBF001
VBTP008, VTBP009 and VTBP010
Known For
Taking dominance from his uncle only to lose dominance to his cousin


Wollow(VWM105) was born in the Whiskers mob on February 24, 2006. His mother was Mozart and his father was JD. His litter-mates were his one brother Karim(VWM108) and his two sisters Ju Drop(VWF107) and Miss Lily The Pink(VWF106). They were born a few months before Mozart got evicted and formed the Starsky, she later became the dominant female of the Leprechaun Mob. When theu were a year old Karim left the Whiskers and joined the Commandos. His sisters got evicted and formed the Toyota, both became dominant females of that group. Wollow remained in the Whiskers for two years then in late 2008, he left along with Machu Pichu, Alex, Rufus and Rhogan Josh. They joined another group.


They joined the Lazuli. Machu Pichu was older and he took the role of dominant male but he was recovering from a snake bite. Wollow attacked his unlce and stole the his status as dominant male. Wollow became the dominant male of the Lazuli with Young, the dominant female. Young started to produce pups. Wollow remained the dominant male for two years then he was over thrown by Rufus who became the new dominant male. Rufus evcited Wollow and he left the group to rove.


Wollow joined another group called the Teletubbies. He become the dominant male along with VTBF001. Then a Colombian male named Colt joined the group. Wollow held on to his dominance. VTBF001 gave birth to three pups fathered by Wollow. Sadly he died on October 16, 2010. Being the only radio collared animal the Teletubbies went missing. Hopefully Colt can be found roving at another group and collared so he cane lead the reseachers back to the Teletubbies and becomes the new dominant male.

Meerkat ManorEdit

Things are different in Meerkat Manor for Wollow. He played a meerkat named Malcolm. He is a sneaky sly meerkat who stole from other meerkats. He was often seen on sentry or in battles. However he got beaten up by EJ an Aztecs female. Most meerkats don't mess with him due to his size.


Whiskers Mob

Lazuli Mob

Teletubbies Mob

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