Wolfgirl Umbra

Wolfgirl Umbra

Formerly of the Werewolves
Date of Birth
April 25, 2008
Crystal and Keith
Jasper, Dallas and Shawo
Known For
Dominant Female of the Werewolves


Wolfirl(VUBM001) was born on April 25, 2008 in the Umbra Mob. Her mother was Crystal and her father was Spectra. She had three litter-mate brothers named Skawo(VUBM002), Dallas(VUBM003) and Jasper(VUBM004). They were the first litter born in the Umbra. All four pups made it to thier first year. Wolfgirl started to babysit and take sentry. She was evicted by her mother but allowed back into the group. Her younger sister Danielle started to assert dominance over Wolfgirl but the older female put her sister in her place. Inlate 2010, Wolfgirl, Silver and Danielle were evicted.


The three females were soon joined by five rovers th ever next day and established the Werewolves Mob. The eldest of the males named Tyron became the dominant male. The females competed for dominance till finally the following month Wolfgirl ousted her sisters and took dominance. Silver was the first to give birth to four pups. Wolfgirl lost her little while Danielle aborted. Wolfgirl soon became pregnant again and gave birth to Dani, Rose and JJ on May 12, 2011.  All three of her pups survived. Wolfgirl aborted her next litter but soon became pregnant again. She gave birth to Evan, Ellie and VWWF014 on March 25, 2012. In July Wolfgirl, Silver and Amber were pregnant. Silver and Amber lost their litters and were evicted in August while Wolfgirl gave birth to Megan and Brandon on September 9, 2012. Silver disappared and Danielle was predated leaving Wolfgirl with no challange to her dominance. The victor was short lived when Tyron died in December. Wolfgirl was pregnant with his last litter. Her nephew Simon became the new dominant male. Wolfgirl gave birth to VWWF017, VWWM018, VWWM019 and VWWF020, the last litter father by Tyron, on Janairu 12, 2013. Wolfgirl remained the dominan female for a little long till she went missing in early March. On March 6, 2013 she was found dead after being missing for two days. Her young daughter Ellie became the new dominant female a few days before her first birthday.


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