Willis(VFM161) was born in the Frisky on September 12, 2009. His mother was Bootle the dominant female and his father was Gazebo the dominant male. His littersmates were his brothers Banter(VFF158), Mofo(VF1M59), and Dinkster (VFM160). They all survived to adulthood. In February 2010 Bootle died and his older sister Quaver took dominance. Willis stayed in the Friskys for some time before he started roving, then in June 2011 Willis left the Frisky with Malkin, Talbot, Bad Gandalf and Huey Lewis .




The five males joined with three evicted females from the Kool Kats to form the Honda Mob. Willis took male dominance as he was biggest, soon afterwards Boots took female dominance. Both have already parented to litters and kept their dominance and Willis himself wears the collar most of the time. I'm December 2011 he and the other five males left the group.


In January 2012 he five males joined with two evicted Solar Mob females to form the Commandos2. Flower and Willis seized the dominant positions immediately. Willis is still living in the Commandos2 as their Dominant Male.


Frisky Mob

Honda Mob

Boots Warthog

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