Birth and Subordinate MaleEdit

William (VSM041) was a single male pup born into the Solar Mob on January 1 2016. His Mother is Olly and his father is Indus who are the current dominant pair of the Solar Mob. With the Solar mob being the largest group in the area William survived his first few weeks. When William was 7 months old he went roving for the very first time but was unsuccessful. He returned to the group but in February of 2017 William left the group for good and came across 2 wild females named Veranda and Kierra and one wild male.

Dominant MaleEdit

William Joined the females and wild male and they formed the Q Mob. Veranda easily became Dominant Female. After a series of violent fights William eventually emerged victorious and became dominant male along side Veranda. Soon in February 2017 after establishing dominance his partner fell very ill. Rather than going out to forage for food with the group William foraged close to the burrow. Because Veranda was so weak to forage for food he brought food to the burrow so she could eat. In March 2017 Veranda made a full recovery and eventually became pregnant with her very first litter of pups. In April 2017 Jason challenged William for dominance and lost. After the fight William evicted Jason from the group. In May 2017. William became a father for the very first time when Veranda gave birth to a single female pup named Adela. Soon after a group of 4 wild males joined the group but had no chance of overthrowing William as he was the largest meerkat in the group. Jason was allowed to return but he was forced to take a subordinate role. On June 6 2017 Veranda officially turned 2 years old and became pregnant with William's 2nd litter of pups. As she was pregnant William became very protective of her and had to keep the males in check. In July 2017 William was bitten by a puff adder and became very ill. His son Trevor took dominance in his absence. He eventually made a full recovery and took back dominance from Trevor. William allowed Trevor to stay because when he took dominance back Trevor was being very submissive. The bite left William with a huge scar over his left eye. In August 2017 his partner Veranda gave birth to a huge litter of 7 pups. 4 males named Luke, Jake, Dean, and Sam, and 3 females named Victoria, Crimson, and Nightshade.

William Solar


Yes, of the Q
Date of Birth
January 1st, 2016
Known For
First Dominant and long term Dominant Male of the Q Mob