Whyn Moomins

Whyn Moomins

Yes of the Mongoose
Date of Birth
April 9, 2009
Grumpy and Leonardo
Leesile, Titus, Malvin, Zachary and Norris
VMNP001, VMNP002 and VMNP003
Known For
First Dominant Female of the Mongoose


Whyn(VMMF060) was born on 2009 in the Moomins Mob. Her mother was Grumpy and her father was Leornardo. She was born in a litter of six pups. Her litter-mates were her one sister Leesile(VMMF059) and four brothers Malvin(VMMM058), Norris(VMMM061), Titus(VMMM062) and Zachary(VMMM063). They were Grumpy's last litter ever. Not long after that Grumpy was overthrew by Whyn's older half sister Hemulen who became the new dominant female. All six pups survived however thanks to the care from their family but Grumpy soon died of disease. Hemulen started to have pups with Leonardo. They had two litters before Leonardo too died from disease. Milkey, Whyn's older nephew became the new dominant male. Soon Hemulen died of disease. Whyn was one of the oldest females but she had three older nieces and one older sister. Blist became the new dominant female and she evicted Bubble Toes, Elian and Lydia Teapot who formed the Samurai. Whyn and her litter-mate sister were now the oldest females under new dominant female Blist. Then All of Whyn's brothers left the group and formed the Gangsters. A Bobab male joined the group and was the dominant male briefly. Blist started to have pups of her own and since Whyn and her sister were the oldest females, they were evicted. She evicted Leesile and Whyn along with their two nieces Eureka and Anemone. Leesile was the first to try to rejoin the group but Blist chased her away because she hadn't given birth yet. Then after the pups were born Eureka tried and was successful inrejoining the group. Whyn, Leesile and Anemone spent another night evicted then the next day they discovered thay slepted only feet away from a group of rovers.


The three evicted females joined the three rovers and formed the Mongoose Mob. The three rovers were the subordinate males who formed the Samurai but they were originally from the Pikmin Mob. The oldest rover named Jack took the role of dominant male almost as soon as the group started so he was radio collared. Whyn and her sister were the same age and size so they could not establish a clear dominance within the first month. Half way through the following month; Whyn finally beat her sister into submission and became the dominant female. Whyn then gave birth to three pups on February 12, 2011. Whyn is still the dominant female of the Mongoose today.


Mother: Grumpy

Father: Leonardo

Sister: Leesile

Brothers: Malvin, Norris, Titus and Zachary

Mate: Jack

Children: VMNP001, VMNP002 and VMNP003


Moomins Mob

Mongoose Mob

Jack Pikmin

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