Whitson Moomins


Yes of the Warriors
Date of Birth
November 16, 2008
Frida and unknown
McGirky, Lyda Teapot, Grubby and Beezelle
Chole, Juani and Tortilla
Fireheart, Sandstorm, Graystripe, Ravenpaw, Bluestar, Whitestorm and Snowfur..etc..etc
Known For
First Dominant Male of the Warriors


Whitson(VMMM057) was born in November 2008 in the Moomins Mob to subordinate female Frida. She gave birth to five pups. His littermates were McGirky(VMMM053), Lydia Teapot(VMMF055), Beezelle(VMMM054) and Grubby(VMMM056). This wasn't Frida's first litter. She already had three daughters from her first litter: Sexi Plexi(VMMF046), Bubble Toes(VMMF048) and Elian(VMMF049). In April 2009 dominant female Grumpy gave birth to six pups. Then her daughter Hemulen took dominant female position away from her mother. Grumpy died two months later. Then in July 2009 Hemulen evicted Whitson's mother Frida and aunts Regopstaan, Misable and sister Sexi Plexi. The females formed a new group callled Silverwing. Whitson and his siblings make up most of the Moomins mob. In March 2010, Hemulen died of TB. Now the position of dominant female is open to his sisters Bubble Toes, Elian and Lydia Teapot. He and his brothers are the oldest males in the group. Whitson is nearly a year and a half old now. He may take to roving soon with his brothers. He went roving with his brothers McGriky, Beezelle, Grubby, Malvin, Zackary, Titus and Norris. They soon came across some evicted Baobab females.


The new group was called the Gangsters. She-Ra and Honey fought for dominance while male dominance was fought over by McGriky, Beezelle, Whitson and Gruddy. She-Ra and McGriky won and took dominance. Then Beezelle and Honey left and formed the Hollyhock. Whitson stayed in the gorup soem time longer then he went roving with Malvin, Titus and Zachary. The came across four evicted Van Hsling females from the Quetzals.


The males stayed with the females and set the foundation of the Warriors Mob. Being the oldest of the males Whitson easily aserted his dominance and became the dominant male. He was fitted with a radio collar so the mob could be tracked. The three eldest females, who were sisters from the same litter, competed for dominance. Finally one of the females named Chole established dominance. However a few months later she was overthrown by her sister Juani, but reclaimed it. After Chole died Juani became the dominant female again but soon disappeared after a snake bite. The last sister Tortilla became the new dominant female and Whitson's mate. Whitson is still the dominant male.  


Mother: Frida

Father: Leonardo

Sisters: Lydia Teapot

Brothers: Beezelle, Grubby and McGirky

Mate: Chole, Juani andTortilla


Moomins Mob

Gangsters Mob

Frida Moomins

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