Whintey Zapper
Wild and Zapper Mob
Formerly of the Zapper
Date of Birth
First Seen March 12, 2000
Mac Zapper and Mick
Shona, Nila, Luigi, Snow White, Willi Jean, Germon and Flavaca
Known For
First Dominant Female of the Zapper


Whintey(VZPF001) was born in a wild mob. Her mother was unknown and so was her father. Whintey survived to adulthood. She was evicted in early 2000 along with three other females, Cama, Miss Flower and VZPF008. Whintey was believed to be around three years old at the time. The females soon joined seven rovers and formed a new group that was followed.


The new group was called the Zapper Mob. Whintey became the dominant female while one of the males named Mac became the dominant male. Whintey gave birth to four pups on June 30, 2000. They were her first litter ever. Whintey gave birth again in December 3, 2000 to Shona and Nina. Whintey then evicted the three older wild females and Mac eivicted Mick. Whintey allowed them all to return. Whintey gave birth again to a single pup named Lugi on May 25, 2001. Then the group split, Whintey was left with only a few members of the group. The two groups soon rejoined after a month. The Dominant female of the splinter group Cama challanged Whintey for dominance however Whintey won and remained the dominant female. Mac was attacked by Mick and he was overhtrown. Mick became the new dominant male and Whintey's mate. Whintey gave birth to Snow White and Willi Jean on Spetmber 15, 2001. Whintey and Mick were often seen in food compitions with each other hwoever Whintey often won these fights. Whintey evicted Cama, Miss Flower and VZPF008 who left the group. Whintey gave birth to Germon and Flavaca on Januray 12, 2002. On May 12, 2002 Shona gave birth Sally, Kate and Ansely. Nila was predated the next month. The Zapper then encounter a rather large wild group. The Zapper split during this encounter btu soon rejoined in the next month. On June 15, 2002 Whintey gave birth to four pups however one was killed bu a cape cobra. On October 25, 2002 Whintey gave birth to her next litter of three pups. She gave birth to another three pups on February 24, 2003. Whintey died of TB and her daughter Shona became the new dominant female.


Zapper Mob


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