This is written by Meerkatpaw. I apologize to the person who is making a what if's collection, but I was tempted! I won't copy any of your ideas.

1. What if: Flower was never bitten by a cape cobraEdit

Flower looked down at the big lump of muscle and fur slumped on the ground. "He's.. He's dead! Zaphod is dead!" she choked out. He had saved her from a cape cobra and he had lost his life in the process. Yousarrian stepped towards her. "It's okay Flower. Somebody loves you, even though you're tough and mean at times" he said.

"Who? Who will love me like Zaphod did?" Flower said.

"He's looking at you" Yousarrian said.

"You love me?" Flower asked.

"I've always loved you, ever since I laid my eyes on you, but Zaphod took you. I planned revenge, but I was never able to get it. I love you Flower and if you did die, I would hopefully be there, but with Zaphod still alive, I would of had to fight for you."

"I love you too and I would love you to be the dominant male" Flower said. The Whiskers sat vigil for Zaphod, except for two. The new couple twined tails and slept together.

2. What if: Axel wasn't adoptedEdit

Little Axel was playfighting near the burrow with Slash and Rose. "I'm stronger than you Slash!" Axel exclaimed. Slash tried to get out from under him but couldn't. "That was luck! Wait for round two!" Slash yelled. They continued playfighting until their beaten family came home. "What happened Mummy?" Axel asked Lola. 

"We were defeated by the Whiskers" Lola said. "They took some of our territory." Axel and Slash gasped.

"I hate those Whiskers scum!" Axel yelled. Punk nodded.

"Big words for a little pup, but those words are true" she said. Slash scowled at his brother.

"Why are you the geinus?" Slash asked. Axel just poked his tounge at him. Three years later, Axel was the only survivor of his litter, as both Slash and Rose died of predation. Then Lola came. "Houdini is dead!" she yelled.

"What?!" Axel exclaimed, showing he was shocked, but was actually happy. He was the elsdest subordinate male. He was the new king of the Zappa.

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