This is a tv show collection of a Meerkat Manor what if's. each will have 16 chapters.

Collection 1Edit

What If: Tosca RoseWhat if Tosca overthrew Flower? Ruled with Carols? What if Flower went to seek revenge? The Kalahari would be changed forever..... {Released: July 30, 2013}

What If: The Starsky Lived- What if the Starsky lived? What if they became the fircest mob in the desert? If they wanted to destroy the Whiskers and the Lazuli? {Realesed November 23, 2013}

What If: Ren and Stumpy Lived- What if Ren and Stumpy lived, but were adopted in the Commandos? If they became in the misdt of a war? If Flower went insane to try and find them..... {Realesed March 1, 2014}

What If: Zorro Returned- What if Zorro returned many years later to destoryed mobs? What if he decides to take revenge? If he fell in love with the wrong kat?{N/A}

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