Wendy(VRF001) was first seen in April 1999 with her younger sisters Marigold and Nora along with 2 wild males named Sparrow and Oliver. The 5 stayed together to form the Rock Mob. Wendy became dominant female in May 1999 and Sparrow claimed male dominance in June 1999. In June 1999 Wendy became pregnant for the first time along with her sister Nora. Nora was first to give birth in August but her litter was killed by Wendy. In August 1999 Wendy gave birth to Freedom (VRF004) Columbus (VRM005) and Rockette (VRF006). In September 1999 Wendy lost her sister Marigold to a snakebite. In October 1999 Wendy became pregnant along with Nora. In November 1999 Nora aborted her litter while Wendy was able to carry hers to full term. In December 1999 Wendy gave birth to Archmage Sirus (VRM007) and VWP008. In January 2000 Oliver attacked Sparrow but lost. VWP008 was predated. In February 2000 Wendy was pregnant. In March 2000 the Rock encountered the Warriors Mob once but the Warriors Mob was forced into a retreat. In April 2000 Wendy gave birth to a large litter of six pups. Three males named Mortimer (VRM009), Rambo (VRM011), Hannnibal (VRM013), and three females named Nikita(VRF010) Korra (VRF012) and Nightmare (VRF014).

Wendy Rock
Formerly of the Rock
Date of Birth
First Seen April 1999
Tesla, Nikita, Sulu, etc. etc.
Known For
First dominant female of the Rock Mob


Litter One born on August 3 1999 fathered by Sparrow

Freedom (VRF004) First and former Dominant female of the Hunters Mob Died of a snakebite in March 2008

Columbus (VRM005) First and long term dominant male of the Sun Mob Died of old age on September 8 2012

Rockette (VRF006) Died on March 16 2004

Litter Two born on December 20 1999 fathered by Sparrow

Archmage Sirius (VRM007) Died of old age in March 2012

(VRP008) Predated in January 2000

Litter three born in April 2000 fathered by Sparrow

Mortimer (VRM009) Killed by a snake in October 2006

Nikita (VRF010) First and long term dominant female of the Amazon mob. Died in June 2009

Rambo (VRM011) Long term Dominant male of the Locust Mob. Died in April 2009

Korra (VRF012) Predated in July 2003

Hannibal (VRM013) Long term dominant male of the Drifters Mob. Died in February 2007

Nightmare (VRF014) Dominant Female of the Darkness Mob. Died in May 2010

Litter four born in July 2000 fathered by Sparrow

Manderin (VRF015) Died in August 2007

(VRP016) Predated in August 2000.

Appocolypse (VRM017) Former Dominant Male of the Warriors Mob. Found dead in July 2009.

Heaven (VRF018) Former Dominant Female of the Link Mob. Found dead in April 2009

 Litter five born in October 2000. Fathered by Sparrow.

Holly (VRF019) Former Dominant female of the Minx Mob. Died in July 2012

VRP020 Predated in November 2000

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