Warpath Mob

Warpath Mob

Date of Forming
Unknown, first seen 2008
Pearl, Mike, Meriana and Vai
Dominant Female(s)
Pearl, Vai, Nikita and Krystina
Dominant Male(s)
Mike and Lawrence
Current Dominant Female
Current Dominant Male
Number of Members
Evicted Meerkat(s)
Roving Meerkat(s)

 The Warpath Mob was first seen in 2008 with 4 members and led by Pearl and Mike. This group suffered a loss when Mike was predated and the group has shrunk in numbers.

Dominant pairEdit

When it was first seen the dominant pair were Pearl and Mike. After leading the group for two years, Pearl was displaced by her suspected sister Vai. After Mike was predated, all males but Lawrence left the group, leaving him as the dominant male. Then in September 2008, a Mathers female named Nikita overthrew Vai and took dominance. However, a month later she was predated and Krystina took dominance. Lawrence later left the group in search of another mate, leaving his two sisters on their own.

Current membersEdit

The warpath mob have 2 current members.

Krystina (VWPF010) Dominant female

Jan (VWPF014)

All Known MembersEdit

A list of meerkats born or joined the Warpath Mob.

Pearl (VWPF001)

Mike (VWPM002)

Vai (VWPF003)

Meriana (VWPF004)

Howard (VWPM005)

Peter (VWPM006)

Callie (VWPF007)

Milion (VWPM008)

Ryan (VWPM009)

Krystina (VWPF010)

Collin (VWPM011)

Lawrence (VWPM012)

Steve (VWPM013)

Jan (VWPF014)

Ken (VWPM015)

Archer (VWPM016)

Justin (VWPM017)

Gray (VWPM018)

Storm (VWPM019)

Cody (VWPM020)


The Warpath's main rivals are the Mountaineers Mob. Their other rivals are the Suzuki Mob and Holden Mob.


August 2008: Pearl, Mike, Meriana and Vai were First Seen. Pearl and Mike became the dominant pair.

September 2008: One encounter with Suzuki. Vai was evicted.

October 2008: Pearl gave birth to Ryan, Callie and Peter. Meriana was evicted.

November 2008: No events.

December 2008: Pearl was bitten by a snake, but survived. One encounter with Suzuki.

January 2009: Pearl was pregnant. One encounter with Suzuki and one with Holden.

Febuary 2009: Vai was evicted. No other events.

March 2009: Pearl aborted. Meriana was evicted.

April 2009: Meriana was pregnant. One encounter with Suzuki.

May 2009: Meriana aborted.

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