Warlock Elves


Yes of the Wizards
Date of Birth
April 15, 2003
Coming Soon
Known for
First Dominant Male of the Wizards
Also Known As
Echo's brother


Warlock(XEF005) was born in the Elves Mob on April 15, 2003. His mother Fairy and father was Elf. They were the dominant pair. He was born with one litter-mate sister named Echo(XEM004). He and Echo suvived to adulthood. Echo never mated with any of the rovers who hung around the Elves. Warlcok one the other hand went roving a few times but never mated with any of the females. In March of 2005 Warlock and Thunderbird went roving. His sister Echo and her younger brother Cosmo were seperated from the group after a group encouter with a rival mob. When Warlock and Thunderbird were coming back the ran into Echo and Cosmo. They stayed together. Then in April three Whiskers males joined them and the formed a new group called the Hobbits.


Warlock couldn't mate with his sister so he didn't take male dominance but a male name Shakespeare did. Echo being the only female int he gorup took female dominance. She and Shakespeare then started to produce litters making Warlcok and uncle. He sayed in the Hobbits babysitting for a year then in Juen 2006 he went roving with his brothers Thunderbird and Cosmo. They soon came acroos soem evicted Lazuli females. They stayed together and formed a new group called the Wizards.


Warlock took male dominance of the new group which was named after him. Pancake took female dominance of the new group. Pancake started to produce litters. In August of 2006 Pancake gave birth to their first litters. Warlock and Pancake are still the dominant pair of the Wizards today.


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