War Lords Mob

War Lords Mob

Date of Forming
July 2008
Nordic, Enforcer, Massacre, Archangel, Eternal, Pure
Dominant Female(s)
Archangel, Eternal
Dominant Male(s)
Current Dominant Female

The War Lords mob was formed in July 2008 by three roving Armageddon mob males and three evicted DarkBright mob females. The mob was near their breaking point but suprisingly they survived and they were sucessful in raising a litter of pups.

Dominant PairEdit

The dominant pair was Enforcer and Archangel, later Archangel was overthrown by her sister Eternal.

Current MembersEdit

All Known MembersEdit

Nordic (VADM026)

Enforcer (VADM027)

Massacare (VADM028)

Archangel (VDBF034)

Eternal (VDBF035)

Pure (VDBF036)

MasterMind (VWLM001)

Huntress (VWLF002)

Predator (VWLM003)

Champion (VWLM004)

Wrestler (VWLM005)

Stealth (VWLF006)  

Blitzkrieg (VWLM007)


The main rivals of this mob are Swat Mob and Shark Mob. They're new rivals are the Casino Mob.


July 2008: War Lords were formed. Enforcer and Archangel became the dominant pair.

August 2008: Archangel was overthrown by Eternal. One encounter with Swat Mob.

September 2008: Archangel, Eternal was pregnant.

October 2008: Archangel aborted. Eternal gave birth to MasterMind (VWLM001), Huntress (VWLF002) and Predator (VWLM003).

November 2008: Nordic and Massacare went roving. One encounter with Shark Mob.

December 2008: Pups first day foraging. Eternal was pregnant. Pure was killed by a bird of prey.

January 2009: One encounter with Swat Mob and Shark Mob.

February 2009: Eternal gave birth to Champion (VWLM004), Wrestler (VWLM005), Stealth (VWLF006) and Blitzkrieg (VWLM007).

March 2009: Archangel mated with a rover called Sub-Zero. One encounter with Swat Mob.

April 2009: Champion (VWLM004), Wrestler (VWLM005), Stealth (VWLF006) and Blitzkrieg (VWLM007) first day foraging.

May 2009: Archangel gave birth to Iceshine (VWLM008), Fluorescent (VWLF009) and Glacia (VWLF010). Archangel was evicted. Swat Mob launched a burrow raid. Iceshine (VWLM008), Fluorescent (VWLF009) and Glacia (VWLF010) were injured.

June 2009 Iceshine (VWLM008), Fluorescent (VWLF009) and Glacia (VWLF010) first day foraging. Eternal rejoined the mob.

July 2009 War Lords first anniversary. Eternal was pregnant.

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