The Waltons Mob

The Waltons Mob was a mob formed on February 27, 2014. It was formed by four females from the Amerson Mob: Justice, Demi, Scorpio, and Buttons; and two males Chiliwack and Vandenberg, of unknown origins, however both males were definitely over four years old. There wasn't an established dominant female until June 19th of that same year. Justice didn't become the dominant female, Scorpio did. The dominant male became Chiliwack. Justice became pregnant but Scorpio killed her pups. Scorpio produced three pups on August 28th before being hit by a car when they were only five weeks old. Demi became the next dominant female in the group beating her elder sister Justice in the competition. Demi produced one litter that year on December 18, another one on April 1 of 2015, and another one on June 17 of 2015, and her final litter on September 2 of 2015. Demi was hit by a car in November of 2015 and after her death Justice finally became the dominant female. Justice has produced two litters this year (March 2 and May 28) and is currently pregnant with another litter. Since their formation they have been rivals to the Ingalls and Amerson mobs. It currently has 27 members.

Justice on March 1, 2016

Justice on March 1, 2016

Chiliwack Waltons

Chiliwack Waltons in early 2016


Dominant Female: Justice (VAF011)

Dominant Male: Chiliwack (VWAM001)

Buttons (VAF017)

Vandenberg (VWAM002)

Death (VWAM003)

Puta (VWAF001)

Tiburon (VWAM004)

Watermelondrea (VWAF002)

Kiwiontae (VWAM005)

Von Trapp (VWAF003)

Odio (VWAM006)

Athanasia (VWAF004)

Craving (VWAM007)

Swellow (VWAF005)

Dentist (VWAM008)

Quick Starter (VWAF006)

Snowfall (VWAF007)

Click Talk (VWAF008)

Fisher (VWAM009)

Director (VWAM010)

J Stamos (VWAM011)

B Saget (VWAM012)

D Coulier (VWAM013)

C Cameron (VWAF009)

Tyson (VWAM014)

Barrymore (VWAF010)

Toni (VWAF011)

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