Vulcan Vexos

Vulcan Vexos

Yes of the Animaniancs
Date of Birth
March 16, 2005
Naga and Volt
Triclod and Rex
Yakko, Wakko, Dot, Dr. Otto Scratchansniff, Ralph, Thaddeus Plotz, Minerva, Candie, Bumpo, Scout, Buttons, Mindy, Salazar, Vina, Flavio, Marita and Codger
Known For
First Dominant Male of the Animaniacs


Vulcan(VVXM022) was born on March 16, 2005 in the Vexos. His mother was the new dominant female Naga and his father was the dominant male Volt. Vulcan was born with one sister name Triclod(VVXF020) and Rex(VVXM0021). His mother was from the Pegasus Mob and she and four other females had joined the Vexos kicking out the last two adult females. Naga had established dominance along with Volt, a Vexos born male. Vulcan was born in the first litter born to the new dominant pair of the Vexos. The group was small but Vulcan was the dominant pair's son so he was well looked after. All three pups survived to adulthood. As an adult Vulcan started to ehlp out around the mob by babysitting and taking sentry. He soon started to become interested in females and taking to roving. Vulcan stayed in the mobs for two years before he finally left along with his brother Rex and younger brother Boriates in November 2007.


The three rovers soon came acrossforu evicted Looney Toons females and established a new mob called the Animaniacs. Vulcan an Rex were of the same age so they competed for dominance however Vulcan won and became the dominant male. One of the females named Melissa became the dominant female beside Vulcan. On March 23, 2007 Melissa gave birth to the first litter born in the Animaniacs which consisted of Yakko, Wakko and Dot . Melissa gave birth to Dr. Otto Scratchansniff, Ralph, Thaddeus Plotz and Minerva on September 16, 2007. The next month Vulcan's litter-mate brother Rex challanged him for dominance. The two males compted for the position of dominant male and Rex was able to overthrow him. Vulcan went back to being a subordinante male. Despite being a subordinante Vulcan took his job as protector of the pups and sentry guard seriously. He also started to rove again with his younger brother Boriates. He remained a subordinante till May 2009 when he challanged his brother Rex for a rematch. This time Vulcan managed to beat his brother into submission and reclaimed his dominant status in the group. Vulcan fathered Melissa's next three litters. On October 17, 2009 Melissa gave birth to Candie, Bumpo and Scout. On April 7, 2010 Melissa gave birth to Buttons, Mindy and Salazar. Melissa became pregnant again in July but aborted the litter in August. On December 13, 2010 Melissa gave birth to Vina, Flavio, Marita and Codger. This was their last litter togather. In Febaury Melissa showed signs of TB and was found dead on March 15, 2011. Dot became the dominant female of the Animaniacs. Vulcan remained the dominant male however with not unrelated females in the group, Vulcan soon started to rove again. Vulcan is still the dominant male of the Animaniacs today.


Vexos Mob

Animaniacs Mob

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