Von Monroe Doppelgangers

Von Monroe Doppelgangers

Date of Birth
October 3, 2008
Known For
Vanity's brother

Von Monroe(VDGF051) was born on October 3, 2008 in the Doppelganger Mob. Her mother was Amber and her father was Richard. She was born with two litter-mates sisters named Ecstasy(VDGF052) and Vanity(VDGM053). His mother was the dominant female so Von Monroe and his two sisters were the center of attention in the group. The Doppelganger were one of the largest mobs around so the three been born in the rainy season many so they had an even greater chance of survival. It wasn't long before Von Monroe and hsi two sisters made it to their first birthday. Von Monroe started babysitting and taking gaurd post. He started roving with his elder brothers. Von Monroe wasn't the best babysitter around, he once abandon his duty to go roving after a female who appeared at the burrow. Luckily another male named Zinc always was babysitting with him and looked after the pups while he was gone. His sister Ecstasy gave birth to a litter of pups. Von Monroe babysat the pups one day and then a rival gang came and raided the burrow killing all the pups. Von Monroe had fleed to save his own life leaving the helpless pups to their faith. After this he took his babysitting duties more seriously. His father ws killed by a cobra and Zircon took dominance. His mother remained the dominant female for a few more months then after her last litter, a cobra found its way into the burrow. Amber took a bite to the throat and died the following morning. His sister Vanity became the dominant female. Von Monroe is still in the Doppelgangers today.


Doppelganger Mob

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