Vialli Whiskers


Formerly of the Whiskers
Date of Birth
July 14, 1999
Holly and Argon
Zola, Dennis Wise and VWP013
Big Will, Tarzan, Scratchy, Daisy, Itchy, Louise and Thelma
Known For
Dominant Female of the Whiskers

Vialli(VWF012) was born in a meerkat group called the Whiskers on of July 14, 1999. Her mother was Holly and her father was Argon. Her littermates were Zola, VWP013 and Dennis Wise. Vialli’s litter-mate VWP013 died as a pup. She was actually the first litter of Holly and Argon. She and her remaining siblings all made it to adulthood. Vialli babysat her mother’s new litters when she reached adulthood. Holly only had four more litters after Vialli’s. On 19th September 2000, Vialli lost her mother Holly. She was predated only ten days after giving birth to her new litter. Vialli wasn’t the oldest females in the group so she didn’t become the dominant female. Vialli’s half sister and cousin Risca took dominance of the group. Risca was Vialli’s aunt Brambles and Argon daughter. Vialli’s father Argon and her uncle Delpheus left and formed the QQ mob. Beetle took male dominance of the group. The other Whiskers males started to rove. The Whiskers began to drop in numbers. Soon a large group of Vivian males emigrated into the Whiskers. The males fought for dominance mostly between Basil and Izit. The new dominant male was taken by Izit although Basil was older. Risca and Izit were the new dominant pair. Basil left and joined the Lazuli while Risca evicted Vialli’s litter mate Zola and her cousin Aramis who joined the Whiskers males and form the Hobgoblin group. Zola and Beatle took the dominant position. Risca was a weak leader as she couldn’t keep the other females in control. With some many new unrelated males Risca couldn’t control the breeding of the other females. Many of the other females killed each other’s litter. Vialli lost her litter to her other cousin Artemis. Finally Vialli got in a fight with Risca and she managed to over thrown her. Around this time Zazu overthrew Izit but he didn’t become the dominant male but it was Zaphod who became the new dominant male. Vialli evicted Risca and Wahine from the group. Izit left and joined two of his younger Vivian brother. They joined the two females and formed the Gattaca. Vialli and Zaphod soon had a litter on November 22, 2001. The littler contained Big Will, Itchy, Scratchy, Thelma, Louise, Daisy and Tarzan. Vialli had only six nipples but with the help of the other females she and Zaphod managed to bring the litter through. All seven survived. Three months later Vialli was predated. She had evicted all the females older the Flower so she took dominance after her then formed the Minions Mob. Big Will was the last of her children to leave the Whiskers. On January 23, 2006 Big Will left with younger Whiskers males Stato, Pookie, Arrested Development and Bad Boy Bubby. They joined the Gattaca where Big Will became the dominant male. Itchy now leads the Tattoo.

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