Vialli's Tale follows the Vialli and her power to ruleWhiskers..This isn't a Meerkat show,but a movie,it's manly about Vialli and her power to rule.It is the first movie of Flower's Legands of Meerkats movie collection.

Vialli's TaleEdit

Deadline:March 15,2011.

Sneak Peak:

Vialli watched Flower run away.Poor Flower,know alone is trying to find a way to get back in the family.Vialli decides to keep a lookout.Suddenly,Tarzan spots an Eagle.Vialli is now on altet and leads the family in a hole.Twenty Mintutes later,Vialli gets out of the bolt hole,to see if the eagle is gone.But it's not.Vialli knows it is to bad to go out.So the Whiskers will be in the bolt hole for a long time.

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