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Vexillatio Mob
Date of Forming
No information
Dominant Female(s)
Vexi, Varina
Dominant Male(s)
Current Dominant Female
No information
Current Dominant Male
No information
Number of Members
Evicted Meerkat(s)
Victoria, Vanessa, Valerie, Vera, Veronica
Roving Meerkat(s)
Tyrant, Vintage, Vice

The Vexillatio Mob was a habituated group, first seen in the observation area around 1992 the group was soon follow. Despite multiple numbers, the female dominant position was never accurately determined as the females kept on challenging for dominance.

The group's number was starting to decline till 1993, where the female dominant position was finally held unchallenged by Vexi till November 1998, where she died out of disease.

After the death of the dominant female, the dominant male went roving with his sons to nearby mobs and never returned. The new dominant female was then her oldest daughter Varina, soon the group was joined by a rover coalition called The Crusaders.

Vigor won the dominant male position in the group by being the oldest meerkat and overthrowing his younger brothers for dominance. 3 of The Crusaders soon left to continue roving with other groups.

After 2 months, Varina and 7 other subordinate females were pregnant. Varina evicted 5 of the subordinate females. But sadly, she was killed by a venomous cape cobra during a foraging trip.

Even with 2 litters of the subordinate females being born, the pups never made it past their first month. The group number's started to rapidly decline.

At May 1999, TB soon hit the group hard, as the dominant male Vigor died from the disease and many of the meerkats were marked with TB.

Soon, DMP decided to stop following the group. The group was eventually lost.