Venom Puff Adders

Venom Puff Adders

Yes of the Dragons
Date of Birth
June 15, 2009
Fluna and Rudy
Monera and Acid
VDNP001, VDNP002 and VDNP003
Known For
First Dominant Male of the Dragons

Puff AddersEdit

Venom(VPAM007) was born on Puff Adders Mob on June 15, 2009. His mother was Fluna and his father was Rudy. His litter-mates were Acid(VPAM006) and Monera(VPAF008). They were the first pups born ever in the Puff Adders. The three pups survived to adulthood. Vemon babysat and kept guard duty. He started to rove with the adult males. He then left the Puff Adders with Posion and Toxic and joined four evicted females from the Kool Kats Mob in December 2010.


The small grou stayed together and formed the Dragons Mob. Venom became the dominant male without mucuh troubel from the other two males. The females competed for the dominant female position. Finally the oldest Kool Kat female Lady won and became Venom's mate. Lady gave birth to three pups on February 21, 2011. Venom is still the dominant male of the Dragons today.


Mother: Fluna

Father: Rudy

Sister: Monera

Brother: Acid

Mate: Lady

Children: VDNP001, VDNP002 and VDNP003


Puff Adders Mob

Dragons Mob

Lady Kool Kats

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