Vedra(VHPF002) was First Seen August 13, 2008 in the Hoppla Mob. She was a wild female from an unknown group. She was evicted and teamed up with five Lazuli males, to form the Hoppla with four other females. Verda became the dominant female alongside J. Alfred Prufrock. Verda evicted VHPF001, VPHF003, VHPF004 and VHPF005 when she was pregnant. They left the group while Verda gave birth to VHPM006 on October 23, 2008. Then VHPF007 and VHPF008 joined the group so Vedra had some subordinate females to help babysit her son. However Verda wasn't paying attention while foraging and was caught in the jaws of a jackal on December 6, 2008. VHPF007 took over as the new dominant female after her.


Hoppla Mob