Vanity Doppelgangers

Vanity Doppelgangers

Yes of the Doppelgangers
Date of Birth
October 3, 2008
Known For
Third Dominant Female of the Doppelgangers

Vanity(VDGF053) was born on October 3, 2008 in the Doppelganger Mob. Her mother was Amber and her father was Richard. She was born with two litter-mates, her one brother named Von Monroe(VDGM051) and one sister named Ecstasy(VDGF052). Being the dominant pair's pups, Vanity and her brother and sister were the main focus of attention of the group. The Doppelganger were one of the largest mobs around so the three had many care-takers and had a greater chance of surviving. Vanity and her brother and sister managed to made it through their first year and became fully mature adult meerkats. Vanity started babysitting and helping her mother with her pups. She also started attracting rovers to the group making a target for evictions. Her mother started to evict her and her sister Ecstasy along with her older sisters Coral, Shakey and Cici. Vanity survived the evictions and managed to get bakc within the group, her sister Ecstasy also was able to rejoin the group. After Coral, Shakey and Cici left the group, Vanity became the oldest female under her mother alongside her litter-mate sister. From a young age, Vanity and Ecstasy were always together. They babysat together, kept each other warm while evicted, and rejoined the group together. They even foraged near each other and took turns in watching each other's backs while foraging. When Ecstasy gave birth to her first litter Vanity was the first to babysit. However a few days later the pups were killed by a rival gang. Then everything changed when Amber was killed by a cobra.

Vanity was one of the eldest females still in the group so the dominant female position was in her reach, however her litter-mate sister Ecstasy also aimded for the same thing. Almost over night the two females Vanity competed with her sister for the right to be the new dominant female. Everytime the two females met while foraging, they could posture, stare each other in the eyes and sometimes even fight. In the end Vanity came out on top as the new dominant female of the Doppelganger. Ecstasy was forced to submit to her sister however Vanity allowed her to remain in the group. Vanity was fitted with a radio collar so the group could be tracked, since her brother dominant male Zircon did a lot of roving. Vanity is still in the group today as the dominant female.


Mother: Amber

Father: Richard

Sister: Ecstasy

Brother: Von Monroe


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