Vai Warpath
Warpath mob
Formally of the warpath
Date of Birth
First seen 2008
Maybe Pearl and Meriana
Ken, Archer, Cody, Lawrence etc
Known For
Overthrowing Pearl and becoming the second dominant female of the warpath

Subordinate femaleEdit

Vai was first seen in a group called the warpath. She was rebelious and often got onto the bad side of Pearl. However, after two years, she was able to overthrow Pearl and she then evicted her.

Dominant femaleEdit

Now with her new power, she had mating rights for herself and gave birth to many children. However, tradgedy struck when her mate and long term dominant male Mike was predated some time in 2013. All the males but Lawrence left the group, leaving him as the dominant male. Vai didn't give birth to anymore litters after that, and it got worse for Vai. In September 2013, Vai was overthrown by a Mathers female named Nikita and was evicted. During eviction, she was bitten by a snake. She disappeared into a bolthole that night and was never seen again. It is presumed she had died of the snake bite.

Dominant childrenEdit

All of the children in Vai's first litter, Cody, Lawrence, Ken and Archer became dominants in their own groups. Cody is the current dominant male of the Mountianeers. Lawrence is the current dominant male of the Warpath, while Archer was the dominant male of the Archers and Mountianeers, before he disappeared without a trace. Ken was the domiant male of the barbie dolls mob before he died. Collin is the dominant male of the ireland mob and Justin was the dominant male of the computer mob before he was overthrown and is now the dominant male of a currently unnamed mob.

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