I kinda ma goming to use thise ofr my actor list too. I love all of may meerkats and the actors and characters they play. My favorites are Cassidy, Butterfly, Ryan, Leena(Tanya), Pinkie and Bruce(Bashful). As I keep writing I probably will start liking other meerkats more too so I will add them in later.

Adult Meerkats

These are the adults who are nnot seen in a litter or were born before or during the show but got a name change, if I will change them.

Clico is played by Calico

Doc is played by Doc

Duncan is played by Dopey

Bruce is played by Bashful

Violet is played by Violet

Pinkie is played by Pinkie

Cassidy is played by Cassidy

Ryan is played by Ryan

Tanya is played by Leena

Ursula is played by Laura

Pluto is played by Pan

Solomon is played by Stem

Murdock is played by Moth

Litters of Pups

First litter born on November 22, 2002

Butterfly is played by Butterfly

Astro is played by Hands

Kitty is played by Kitty

Second litter born on May 25, 2003

Lizzie is played by Elizabeth

Calypso is played by Kanti

Gizmo is played by Alain

I haven't made a rival group so I will work ont hat later.

Now what are your favorite meerkats? With only one episode some of the meerkats haven't been seen much yet. But as you can see some have personality already, like Pinkie, Duncan(Dopey), and Astro(Hands).

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