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Update first 2010 formed groups

Update Friends Meerkat Project groups, name some pups. 

New Mobs

Form a group with ZeRoBaSS, Goukisan, Eon and Wavery of Sioux and Coron, Miss Pinkie the Bloody Lamb, Nyan Cat, Scooby and Shaggy of Thermopylae in May 2010.

Form new group with She-Wolf, Candy Girl and Nikayla and Hello Kitty in October 2010. Find males. 

In December 2010 Pavo, Lobo and D'Artagnan left the Buccaneers group. Find females

In April 2011 Jebba, Osca, Spiriax, Rox and Midnight were evicted and left the Buccaneers group. Find males. 

In December 2012 Aerith, Tifa, Yuffie and Hope were evicted and left the Chocobo group. Find males

Find females and form a new group or have join a group with Vladimir, Trollface, Bomber, Rocket Man and Skater Boy sometime in late 2011- early 2012.

Maybe Adoption

In May 2011 Athos, Aramis, Cardinal, Bazin, Lious, Grimaud and Planchet were Last Seen. 

Psyko Info

If only I could draw them better. Attempted to draw Zygo for ya. Their heads can have two layers of horns or maybe even more if you can find a way to do that. Their tails kind of look like mini heads but you can get more creative and make the tail different from the head. The can have markings and come in any color and color combination. I generally default them to black, but Slasho's Pyscko form, she's lavender with light lavender and dark lavender and almost white lavender stripes on her wings. I don't know about her head, can focus on it in my mind but I think it's a light lavender? 

Also their wings are made of skin but they kind of look like feathers at the tips. I guess they kind of are like the in-between of a bat wing and a bird wing. So yeah, they don't really have fur or feathers. The might have some on the tips of their front horns on their face but those wouldn't be visible. They swing their head from side to side looking for food. Have you ever seen a platypus forage, they look like that but making a bunch of clicking and humming noises. They have sensitive horns tips. 

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