• I live in AwesomeCity and BunnyCity and BananaCity
  • My occupation is Epic Queen of AwesomeCity, BunnyCity, and BananaCityXD
  • I am A flying pink banana

Hello, I'm Silverstar. I love meerkats and meerkat manor. Meerkats are my third favorite animal besides wolves and dolphins.

My MobsEdit

Eclipse Mob

Birds Mob

Warrior Kats Mob

My StoriesEdit

Meerkat Clans

A Twist In Time

Other WikisEdit

I don't mean to spamm, but I have a new wiki that I really want people to join. It's called Warrior Cats Role Play wiki, based off Erin Hunter's book series. You can roleplay a cat in the four clans. The clans are not regular cats. Please go there for more info. Sorry about not putting the link, if I do it leads you to a different wiki.:/ The link is at the top in my user box where it says my favorite wikis. Please join:)

Also, I work at Wolf Roleplay and Meerkat Roleplay. I also work at Warriors Fanfiction, DarkClan, and Warrior Clan Fanfiction.

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