Javiera Fraile

aka Javiera Fraile

  • I live in In the Universe
  • My occupation is Watch the roof
  • I am I'm a female
Javiera Fraile

Rocket Dog as dominant female

Cuchi, Negro, Chillona and Pintito
Favorite Video-game
Spyro's all games
Favorite meerkat
Rocket Dog
Favorite female meerkats
Rocket Dog, Aretha, Enili, Flo, Beaker, McGee, Oriole, Nik Nak, Ru, Lotte, Bananas, Zelda and Adhuil
Favorite male meerkats
Kentamine, Zaphod, Logan, Nugget, Juno, Marico, Sabota, Dali, Coop, Cody, Butch Cassidy and Machu Pichu.
The meerkats that I don't like
Ella, Punk, Billy and Miles
Fisrt Meerkat Articule
Penetrant Whiskers
Fisrt Mob Articule
Rockkats Mob
First Story
A Princess Diary
First Show
Meerkat Manor: Rocket Dog's return

About me

Hello, I live in Chile and I watched Meerkat Manor before I knew about this site. My favorite meerkat is Rocket and I'm writting a princess diary, because I looked a page named Rocket Dog's diary and is very incomplete and wrong. I like the Whiskers mob, I hate Ella, she is cruel and very bad. I hope that Aniju put again meerkat manor 5. If you want to view my page A Princess's Diary only click in the link.

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