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June 14, 2010
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I most work on Real meerkat Mobs but I have a few made up ones I will write in here. I am writing a Fan fiction story. See the mobs of Xerotic Desert for the mobs that will be used in the story.

I'm currently working on the Xerus Mob. If you notice there a big gap in the ID Codes. I'll work on that mob for a while.


Meerkat Projects

African Meerkat Project

Kalahari Desert Meerkat Project

Xerotic Meerkat Project

Meerkat Shows

Here are my meerkat shows I have written. I am currently working on Meerkat Manor but I will get to the others later soon.

Meerkat Haven

Meerkat Estate

Meerkat Manor 5 (Manor Mob is used for this show)

My AMP Meerkat Mobs

These mobs are in the African Meerkat Project (AMP)

Aristocats Mob

Barbarians Mob

Cheetah Mob

Dwarves Mob (Need fixing)

Enigma Mob

Fiends Mob

Gangsters Mob

Hollyhock Mob

Iguana Mob

Jaguars Mob

Kappa Mob (Need Fixing)

Leprechaun Mob

Mobsters Mob

Ninja Mob

Outsiders Mob

Pikmin Mob

Quetzals Mob

Rugrats Mob

Samurai Mob

Troopers Mob

Underdog Mob

Voyager Mob

Warriors Mob

X-Men Mob

Yoshies Mob

Zebra Mob

My KDMP Mobs

These mobs are not in the AMP They are in the Kalahari Desert Meerkat Project (KDMP)

Zambia Mob

Argonians Mob

Celtics Mob

Druids Mob

Egyptians Mob

Fandango Mob (Need Fixing)

Gladiators Mob

Hyenas Mob


Jaguars Mob

Knights Mob

Limbo Mob

Mobsters Mob

Narnia Mob

Ocicats Mob

Pound Puppies Mob

Quagga Mob

Ravers Mob

Silverwing Mob

Trojans Mob


Vampires Mob

Xerxes Mob

Yankees Mob

Zambia Mob

Lost KDMP Mobs

Care Bears Mob

Xerotic Meerkat Project

These Mobs are for a Fan Fiction. They are located in the fictionaly Xerotic Desert. (XMP)

Beanie Babies Mob

Cosmos Mob

Diggers Mob

Elves Mob

Gargoyles Mob

Hobbits Mob

Munchkins Mob

Sun Angels Mob

Top Cats Mob

Wizards Mob

Voodoo Mob

Savannah Meerkat Project (SMP)

Aquarian Mob

Bakugan Mob

Capricorn Mob

Doppelganger Mob

Escaflowne Mob

Guardians Mob

Kalabari Mob

Minions Mob

Nirvana Mob

Pegasus Mob

Ravers Mob

Sagittarius Mob

Tattoo Mob

Vexos Mob

Umbra Mob

Xerus Mob

Friends Meerkat Project

These Mobs are in a Project shared with Meerkats123 and Sir Rock.

Animaniacs Mob (Shared with Sir Rock)

Chocobos Mob

Impala Mob (Shared with Meerkats123)

Lemurs Mob (Shared with Meerkats123)

Sioux Mob (Shared with Sir Rock)

Thermopylae Mob

Werewolves Mob

Unnamed project

This is just a place holder for mobs I am not sure where to place yet.

Adders Mob

Bronies Mob

Guardians Mob

Hypers Mob

Jackalope Mob

Lombax Mob

Mockingjays Mob

Pirates Mob

Ragnarok Mob (Need fixing) 

Spartans Mob

Thunderians Mob

Wookiees Mob

Other Mobs

Alantians Mob

Crayola Mob

Eskimos Mob

Redwall Mob

Olympians Mob

Quileute Mob

Yakama Mob

KMP Meerkat Mobs I've Created

Starsky Mob

Abba Mob

Gattaca Mob

Young Ones Mob

Pretenders Mob

Colombians Mob

Gremlins Mob

Nequoia Mob

Umbongo Mob

Avatar Mob

Ewoks Mob

Incas Mob

Naming of Mobs

The first mob I made is called the Quetzals Mob named after a bird with golden-green and scarlet plumage. It is the national bird of

A Quetzal on a branch

Guatemala and is rare and possibly endangered. The Underdog was named after the super hero and the fact that they were so small compared to their neighbors. Aristocats got their named since both Wiley Kat and Cheetara have cat named. Most of the Commandos formed mobs have battle people names like Barbarians, Troopers and Warriors. Aristocats is the exception. Cheetah and Zebra are named after native African animals. Hollyhock is a beuatiful planet growing in my backyard and Iguana was the after the animal. The Outsiders, Silverwing and Warriors were named after books. Zambia is a tribe of people native to Africa. Pikmin and Yoshies get their names from Video Games. Rugrats and X-Men get their names from TV shows. Gladiators, Samurai and Ninja were named after ancient warriros. Gangsters is just a cool named for a mob. Ragnarok was named after a gang in an anime called Kenichi and also the dominant male is Thor. Leprechaun Hobbits, Munchkins and Wizards are all mythical humans. And Voodoo got their name from a show called Taboo and that episode was about witch craft. The dominant female was also named after the show. We needed another V named so I choose the Vexos and you can't have then without their rivals the Bakugan. They are from the show Bakugan of course. The Minions was an M work I thought of and mob a mob for.

Naming Meerkats

The meerkast are often named after characters that relate to their mob like the Rugrats have the character named, X-Men will have X-Men nameds and Arisocats have Disney and cat names. Iguana meerkats were named after lake monsters. Hobbits had one the first three males named after Shakespeare plays since the resecher in charge of them only knew those names. Zambia meerkats have African tribe names. Ragnarok has Nores gods and creatures names. Barbarians first had neames that begane with the later B since the dominant pair names began with the letter B then M names were used and South Park. Warriors has Warrior cat names from the book. Silverwing has the character names. With mobs who are named after a show or book get ranombnames like Hobbits, Leprchuan, and Quetzals. Other mobs have an order of naming, Aristocats have cat names, Underdog has internet and dog names, Voodoo litters have similar names like Tap, Flap and Snap. Taboo was named after the show in which her mob got their name. Echo was named after a famous elephent. Zoroaster was named after a Persian religious teacher who was also called Zarathustra.