Ursa(VCPF024) was born in the Capricorn Mob on Janaury 26, 2005. Her mother was Chinchilla and her father was Dennis Wise the dominant couple of the Capricorn at the time. Ursa had three litter-mates, her two brothers named Polaris(VCPM025) and Indus(VCPM026) and one sister named Vela(VCPF027). All four pups survived their first three months. Ursa was born in the second to last litter fathered by Dennis Wise. In February 2006, Dennis Wise died and Orion became the new dominant male of the group. Chinchilla gave birth to another litter, the last fathered by Dennis Wise in April 2006. The following month a snake made it's way into the burrow and Chinchilla confronted it while the others moved the pups. She was bitten on the head and head in less than twenty-four hours. Andromeda assumed dominance, she had lead the group to a new burrow during the burrow move. Ursa and her litter survived to adulthood. Ursa started to held out with babysitting and sentry duties. Andromeda started to evicted females from the group starting with the oldest females. On March 25, 2007 Vela gave birth to Serpens and Pavo. Ursa was now an aunt and she helped her sister with babysitting and caring for the new pups. Orion and the oldest males left the group and Draco became the dominant male. In May 2008 Aries, Auriga, Vela, Dheneb and Pollux left the group leaving Ursa as the oldest subordinante female. Ursa was three years old by then and Andromeda had been the dominant female for two years and a half. In August 2008 Andromeda died leaving the dominant female position open. Ursa easilly eshablished dominance over the group. Ursa is stil the dominant female of the Capricorn today.


Capricorn Mob

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