The Universe 7 Mob was founded in June 2015 by 4 wild females and 2 wild males.

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Wild female Chi-chi and wild male Goku became the dominant pair.


The Universe 7 have 12 members as of February 2019.

Chi-chi (VU7F001) Dominant Female

Goku (VU7M002) Dominant Male

Beerus (VU7088)

Videl (VU7089)

Piccolo (VU7M090)

Gohan (VU7M092)

Whis (VU7M095)

Tien (VU7M099)

Pan (VU7F100)

Android 18 (VU7F102

Goten (VU7M103)

Trunks (VU7M104)

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