Ugly Pup was born on September 28, 2000 she was born with one brother, Misfit, and her mother was Artemis. Their mother was Piglet and their father was Delpheus. Thye survived to aduothood but their mother was evicted and left the group. Their father left to rove. Artemis gave birth to Mi Julie, Rydapuni, and Dangerous Dave on January 19, 2001. On March 2, 2002 Ugly Pup gave birth to three pups Micheal(VWM046), Django(VWM047) and Eriole(VWF048). Later on Ugly Pup, Smithers, Mi Julie, and Rydapuni were evicted by Flower and Zolo and Artemis's group called the Hobgoblin Mob. This group was formed by a Whisker splinter group, two Whisker females and ten Whisker males now reenforced by four new Whiskers females. Zola and Beetle assumed dominance but most fo the males left the group. Only Tama, Rangi, Orgali and Montgomery remained. Orgali assumed male dominance. Shortly after Ugly Pup gave birth to a new litter of two pups on March 19, 2002. They were named Rocky(VHGM0010) and Chutney(VHGF0011). Five months later Chutney was predated on April 17, 2003. Zola gave birth to a new litter of pups.

Ugly Pup's daughter Eriole leads her own group now.


Hobgoblin Mob

Eriole Whiskers

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