Twiggy(VPPF064) was born on June 22, 2010 in the Pound Puppies. Her mother was Dizzy and her father was Hugo, the dominant couple of the Pound Puppies at the time. Twiggy was born in a litter of three with one litter-mate brother named Sarge(VPPM065) and one sister VPPF066 who sadly was predated in October. Twiggy;s mother and father were the dominant pair and the Pound Puppies were a large mob with many babysitters so both Twiggy and Sarge had a good chance at survival. In August there was a group split but the two group soon rejoined. On February 5, 2011 Dizzy succumbed to a snake bite delivered by a cape corba. Twiggy wasn't old enough to take dominance after her mother so her older sister Lady Day became the new dominant female. Hugo remained the dominant male till he died in September and Sparky became the new dominant male. Twiggy and Sarge survived to their first birthday. Twigy helped out by babysitting and taking sentry while her brother Sarge started to rove. Eventually Sarge and the other males left the group and Zoltron, Twiggy's younger brother, took dominance. On March 15, 2012 Lady Day was predated by a raptor leaving Twiggy as the oldest female in the Poound Puppies. Twiggy established dominance and became the dominant female of the Pound Puppies like her mother and sister before her. Twiggy is still in the Pound Puppies today as the dominant female.


Pound Puppies Mob

Dizzy Pound Puppies

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