Tuff Gators


Gators and a roving coalition
Yes, of the Gators
First Seen
2007, habutated in June 2008
Last Seen
October 2008
Death Cause
unknown, dissapeared
Known for
First dominate male of Gators
Tuff (KGTM001) was first seen in 2007 during a group encounter with the Hunters Mob. He was easily reconized after the encounter because he had been bitten in the side of the face under his eye. The wound had come from the dominate male of the Hunters, Streak, and it later became a scar which helped the KMT reconized him in the Gators when the group was habutated. The KMT habutated his group, which he and his brother Dirtclog had lead as a roving coalition until three months ago when they had joined three females, Rachel (KGTF002) and her two daughters, in June 2008. He was seen behaving as the dominate male and was ID-chipped and became the first habutated Gators meerkat. As the dominate male, he was given a radio collar so the group could be tracked. A few days later, wild female Rachel, who was the only mature female in the group, was given the title as the dominate female but, unlike Tuff, she did not get a radio collar. However, Rachel was not a productive dominate female and did not get pregnant until August. However, two wild females, named Rattler and Rose, approached the group and joined them. Rattler, Rachel and Rose all began to fight and although Rose lost, Rattler managed to depose Rachel in September. Tuff focused his attention on dominate female Rattler and two days later, Rachel disspeared. Her fate was unknown. However, Tuff did not maintain his position as the dominate male much longer after Rachel died. When his brother Dirtclog returned from roving one day, Tuff attacked him and they fought for several minutes. Finally, Tuff was deposed by his brother and stripped of his collar. He later left the Gators with a group of males and dissapeared. His fate is unknown.
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