Troy Van helsing


Date of Birth
April 7, 2008
Billy and Plonker
VVHM008, Kapau Kakoo, VVHM010, and Mr. Jacky
NoneVQZP018 and VQZP019
Known For
Quetzals founder

Van HelsingEdit

Troy(VVHF007) was born on April 7, 2008 in the Van Helsing Mob. Her mother was Billy and and her father was Plonker. She had four litter-mates VVHM008, Kapau Kakoo(VVHM009), VVHM010, and Mr. Jacky(VVHM011). VVHM008 was predated as a pup and VVHM010 was predated in September of 2008. She and her two remaining litter-mates survive adulthood. In October of 2009, Troy was evicted with her cousins Chole, Juani, Tortilla and her aunt Flo. The females disappeared for a month and were considered Last Seen but they were thought to have formed a new group. The females were not lost for good.


They teamed up with Ash, Gigima and Mr. Scruff and formed the Quetzals. Flo took dominance with Ash. Chole gave birth and then Juani. Flo allowed the litters to survive since she lost hers. Troy helped to babysit. She was the youngest member of the group till the pups were born. Flo gave birth to her own litters of pups. Tortilla mated with a rover name Benno and gave birth to three pups. Troy mated with Thunder and gave birth to VQZP018 and VQZP019 on November 17, 2010. Troy is still in the Quetzals today.


Quetzals Mob

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