Trollface Thermopylae


was born in the Thermopylae Mob on March 3, 2008. His mother was Runo and his father was Padloper, the dominant pair at the time. He was born with three litter-mates, two sisters named Nyan(VTPF006) and Miss Pinkie the Fluffy Lamb(VTPF008) and one brother named Arrowhead(VTPM007). They were the second litter born in the Thermopylae. Being the son of the dominant pair, Trollface lived the spoiled life of a pup for three months. However puphood would not last and Trollface had to learn to survive in the kalahari. In September his mother gave birth to a new litter making Trollface and his siblings older siblings. By then they could fend for themselves. Trollface and his brother and sister survived to adulthood but sadly their mother was predated. His aunt Julie became the dominant female. Trollface started to rove with his uncles and older brothers. Sadly both Julie and Padloper died of disease. His older sister Gorgo became the dominant female and his older brother Artemis became the dominant male. Trollface is still in the Thermopylae today.


Thermopylae Mob

Runo Bakugan

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