Trinity Drie Doring


Yes of the Vampires
Date of Birth
January 20, 2008
Makonkie and Osprey
Nikita, Buddah and Tekla
Ichiru, Zero, Yuki, Shiki, Rima and Takuma
Known For
First Dominant female of the Vampires

Drie DoringEdit

Trinity(VDF130) was born in the Drie Doring Mob on January 20, 2008. Her mother was Makonkie and her father was Osprey. Her litter-mates were her two sisters Tekla(VDF0131) and Nikita(VDF132) and one brother Buddah(VDM133). The Drie Doring was a big mob at the times so all four pups survived to adulthood. Her older sister Mist took over as the dominant female after Makonkie died. Osprey left the group and her cousin Finn MacCool took over over as the dominant male. Mist gave birth to a new litter and Trinity was old enough to babysit now. Trinity and her sisters were the oldest females under their older sister Mist by 2009. Mist gave birth to a new litter of two pups. She didn't evicted Trinity or her sister this time. Then the next time Mist evicted Trinity, Nikita and Tekla from the group. The females left and joined some JaXX males.


The new group was called the Vampires. The three males were Spike, Korhaan and Boost. The sister fought for dominance. Spike won male dominance easily but the females were all the same age. Spike mated with all three females but it was Trinity who claim dominance. All three females were pregnant and it was Trinity who gave birth first. She sadly lost her litter to her sister Tekla who gave birth. She too lost her litter to Nikita gave birth to a succeessful litter. She gave birth to Kaname, Seiren and Ruka on December 27, 2009. Trinity got pregnant again and evicted her two sisters to safe guard of her pups however both Tekla and Nikita were not pregnant. Trinity gave birth to Ichiru, Zero and Yuki on April 16, 2010. Shortly after giving birth Tekla rejoined the group and attacked Trinity. She challanged her for dominance and weak from giving birth, Tekla forced Trinity into submission. Tekla claim the dominant female position for herself and Trinity was forced to take a subordinate role. For three months Trinity lived as a subordinate and was evicted along with Nikita. However this did not last for long and after Tekla gave birth, Trinity over threw her sister Tekla and became the dominant female again. Back on top, she evicted Tekla fromt he group who disappeared in December leaving her only rival as Nikita. Trinity gave birth to Shiki, Rima and Takuma on January 12, 2011. Trinity was pregnant again in April and evicted Nikita her two daughters Ruka, Seiren and young Yuki. She gave birth to VVPM015, VVPM016 and VVF017 on May 4 2011. On August 15, 2011, Trinity gave birth to VVPP018, VVPP019 and VVPP020. Trinity and Spike are still the dominant pair of the Vampires today.


Drie Doring Mob

Vampires Mob

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