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The Topaz Mob in 2009 after the death of their matriarch.

Sparky and Lyric grooming.

Cupcake Topaz right after receiving her collar (July 27th).

The Topaz Mob was a Mob discovered on November 26, 2001. At the time of it's discovery there was only 5 members, 2 of which were female and the other 3 were males. The 2 females were named Ruby and Bertha. The 3 males were named Wallace, Marty, and JR. It wasn't until January that a dominant female was established, it was Ruby and her dominant male was JR. Ruby and JR produced litters very often. But on January 15, 2003 JR was predated. The position of dominant male went to Wallace. Bertha soon mated with Marty and became pregnant. Ruby herself was also pregnant. The two raised their litters together. In 2004 the group accidentally split and Bertha became the dominant female of the splinter group. In 2009 Ruby died of old age and her daughter Mila became the dominant female. Mila was not so successful, she lost very important feeding grounds to their enemies the Amerson Mob (Bertha, Lilly, and Rose all led battles against her), and though she did breed she did not have has many pups as her mother did. Other mobs such as the Ingalls and Bikini Bottom were also known to attack very often. Currently the alpha male is Sparky a male of unknown origins. Mila died early in November of 2015 and her sister Lyric became the dominant female. Lyric died on July 25th in 2016 due to a Pitt Viper bite, while suffering from the bite Cupcake mauled her and showed the family that she was indeed the next dominant female of the Topaz Mob. In 2016 an explosion of pups (eleven in total) has made the group larger. The group currently has 38 members.

Current Members

Cynthia and Bubbles (three days old)

Alpha Female: Cupcake Topaz (VTF026)

Alpha Male: Sparky Topaz (VTM036)

Flash Topaz (VTM030)

Violet Topaz (VTF027)

Cynthia and Bubbles (2 weeks old/14 days old)

Mistake Topaz (VTM031)

Pink Topaz (VTF028)

Sugar Rush Topaz (VTF029)

Ralph Topaz (VTM032)

Austin Topaz (VTM033)

Cynthia (15 days old) being watched by Allison

Troy Topaz

Ellen (left) and Allison (right) pregnant.

Life Topaz (VTM034)

Troy Topaz (VTM035)

Ellen Topaz (VTF030)

Chloe Topaz (VTF031)

Allison Topaz (VTF032)

Lu Ten (VTM037)

Fok Mee (VTF033)

Fok U (VTF034)

Sokka (VTM038)

Jumanji (VTM039)

Katara (VTF035)

Blue Man (VTM040)

Pink Mouse (VTM041)

Poppins (VTF036)

Odysseus (VTM042)

Chrissie Kristen (VTF037)

Cynthia (VTF038)

Bubbles (VTF039)

Bernie Sanders (VTM043)

Donny Juju (VTM044)

Sunday Dinner (VTM045)

All Alone (VTM046)

Booboo (VTF040)

Ching-Chang (VTF041)

Angelic Voice (VTF042)

Butterball (VTM047)

Kenneth (VTM048)

French Maid (VTF043)

Paranormal Witness (VTF044)