Tofu Aztecs


Date of Birth
December 26, 2007
Miso Kappa, Shrimp Kappa, Shushi Kappa, VKPM015 and VKPF016
Known For
Born in first litter of Aztecs


Tofu(VAZF002) was born in the Aztecs Mob on December 26, 2007. Her mother was Monkulus and her father was Homestar Runner. Her litter-mates were Marmite(VAZM001), Abaca (VAZF003) and Piglet(VAZM004). They were the first litter born in the Aztecs. It wasn't till a year later when Monkulus produced another litter. The group remained nine members strong for a long time. Soon Tofu became one of the oldest females in the group. In late 2008 Tofu got pregnant around the same time as her mother and was evicted from the Aztecs and wandered on her own. She was a year one by then. She soon joined her aunt Bananas who had pnes been in the Aztecs with her. They two females were seen often but not followed till they were joined by four Zappa males.


The small group was called the Kappa Mob. Bananas was the oldest female so she assumed dominance. The males were Scallywag, Shadowflax, Naboo and Dirty Harry. Scallwag assumed male dominance over the other males. Tofu gave birth to Miso, Shrimp and Shushi on November 24, 2008. This was her first litter and the first born in the Kappa. Bananas gave birth to four pups in January. Than same month two more Zappa males Kamakazi and Endor joined the group. In February of 2009 Scallwag was overthrown by Shadowflax. In the confusion of no dominant male Bananas mated with Endor and got pregnant. Bananas gave birth to seven pups in April. Scallwag was Last Seen in June. On August 26, 2009 Tofu gave birth to two pups VKPM015 and VKPF016. Tofu aborted her next litter and was evicted but rejoined. Shadowflax was predated and Endor assumed male dominance. Tofu is still in the Kappa today.


Mother: Monkulus

Father: Homestar Runner

Sister: Abaca

Brothers: Marmite and Piglet

Daughters: Shushi and VKPF016

Sons: Miso, Shrimp and VKPM015


Aztecs Mob

Kappa Mob