Titus Rebels
Yes of the Rebels
Known For
T's number one rival who constantly challenged him until his death.

Titus was born in a wild group at the KMT meerkat reserve. It is unknown who his littermates and parents are. In late June, early July, Titus first appeared as a roving male along with his supposible brother, Fylln. They joined the Rebels group, lead by their long term dominate female Maybelline, who was recovering from a vicious double puff adder bite. T, the dominate male of the group, was absent at the time. He had not been seen since he was scent marking the Rebels' territory. Titus and Fylln the Rebels and Titus established himself as the dominate male. T returned with a minor wound. He was most likely attacked by a rival group while marking the borders. Titus attacked him and overthrew him easily. T then left the group for a little over a week and after trying to rejoin his former group, he returned to the Rebels group. Titus had now been wounded during a group encounter and had a deep lasaration from his elbown to the middle of his stomach. T attacked him and deposed him, taking back dominance beside Maybelline, who was now fully recovered. They likely mated during this time as the next month Maybelline was pregnant. T maintained his status for about two weeks before Titus attacked him after a group encounter and and overthrew him again. T remained a subrodinate for five days before he, Titus and Fylln fought a long, hard won battle which Titus lost as well as Fylln. T remained as the dominate male beside Maybelline until he was caught by a martail eagle while foraging on August 12, 2011. Titus was now without challenge and assumed the dominate position again easilly. He is still the dominate male today.

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